Google Music Finally Opens In Australia

After years of waiting, Google Music has finally landed in Australia.

It comes alongside a major update for the Google Play store that sees new fonts and designs take centre stage.

Music has been a long time coming for Australians, but Google finally announced the product's availability in a blog post today.

Google has added a few spotlit a few local artists to kick off the service in Australia, including DJ Havana Brown, Delta Goodrem and Lisa Mitchell. Indie artists can get a fair bit out of Google Music now, however, with the search giant opening up Artist Hub to Australian performers.

Artist Hub lets indie singers and bands put their work up on Google Music for a nominated price, even though they may not be signed to a record label.

You can read the full post below:

First, there were apps and games. Then books. Followed by movies and magazines. And now... music!
From today, all Australians can now listen to their favourite artists and download the latest music from Google Play — a digital entertainment destination for Android devices and the web.
Google Play makes it easy for you to buy your favourite songs and albums, and instantly add them to your music library. Our free music locker also means that you can add up to 20,000 songs from your existing music collection to Google Play instantly and listen to them from any computer or Android phone or tablet, even when you’re offline.
On Google Play Music, you can find the latest releases from established Australian artists such as Delta Goodrem, Havana Brown and Lisa Mitchell. For those not signed to a record label, we’re also introducing Google Play artist hub for Australia — a platform for independent artists to sell their music directly to fans. In the artist hub, artists can create a profile, upload their music files, suggest a retail price, and sell their music on Google Play.




    17 dollers for 2 year old albums no thanks. Spotify is still the way to go imo. Yeah you don't own the album but with more Bluetooth speakers and services coming out every day there should be no reason to dismiss it and pay above retail.

      So buy them on iTunes and let the Google Music Manager auto-sync the song to the cloud.

    Long overdue.
    Too expensive & not enough variety but the locker is pretty cool & might be handy for the occasional on the spot download but for the most part when I can buy the CD for the same price or cheaper I'll go physical every time & copy it to all my devises.

      ITunes is the worst piece of software I've ever come across its enough for me to stay away even if the prices are slightly cheaper.

    hopefully this is a viable alternative to iTunes so a) i can stop using it and b) we get some competition in that space!

    Their selection is kind of weird (and overpriced, but ignoring that for now)

    The selection of albums they carry is a bit schizophrenic.
    They carry most of the Mogwai EPs, including some really obscure ones... but not Young Team.
    They have Kelly Clarkson's latest, Greatest Hits and almost every single she has released... but not Breakaway or My December. But singles from both.
    They have three random Explosions in the Sky albums from different points in their career. But no EPs. And no Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place.

    And at the other end, they have a full catalogue for obscure stuff like Angel Eyes and In The Woods...

    I know it's probably down to the labels themselves, but it feels like a half baked product. Hopefully they get their licencing sorted.

    Then... let's talk price :)

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    Awesome news! I can stop buying things on itunes now :)

    The "locker" is awesome, i have been using google music since it got released in the US. Just upload all your music and you can have it anytime, anywhere. To be clear for everyone that doesn't understand this feature, you can upload any music you have anywhere at the moment. I have all the music i have ever downloaded, legitimately and possibly not, uploaded in there and can get it anywhere i have a data connection.

    If you have an android device this is a must have.

    I'm loving the comments about pricing - everything, apart from apps, is heavily overpriced at Google I've found. The movies and books I've seen on sale have been OK value though, so we'll see if the same thing happens with music.
    It's a nice extra to have and way overdue to Australia, but at least it's something that competes with itunes.
    For magazines though, forget google and goto Zinio, much cheaper and the software is better.
    For books, Amazon is often cheaper (but not always)
    For dance music, juno download, my dj download and beatport are fantastic, trackitdown is ok

    It's interesting though, i've just taken one of the top albums from the Aria chart and done a comparison - The Truth About Love by Pink is:
    $20 for a physical copy (JB Hifi and My Play Direct's "global pink store" charge the same)
    $11 at itunes
    $13 at google play
    $16 at other digital stores like My Play Direct
    $16.50 at the Optus Music store which is where you get directed when you click the Buy button on the Aria Albums Chart.
    Pink's Official Online shop doesn't have the album for sale yet, unless you buy it with a t-shirt oin a bundle for $32

    The number 1 album in this country this week, Bring Me The Horizon by Sempiternal is:
    $16.50 from the Optus store (where the ARIA chart links to)
    $16 from Google Play
    $13 from Apple itunes
    $35 (24 pounds) from the official UK store for the CD (the digital copies are listed as "all gone" how can you sell out of megabytes?)
    $33 for the CD from JB Hi Fi
    (these prices are for the deluxe version)
    Or you can listen to the whole album at - it must be legit because triple M have the soundcloud player with it on their website.

    So yeah, still a premium from Google in both examples.

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