Gigabyte's Aivia Uranium Gaming Mouse Comes With Its Own Tiny Monitor

A beefed-up computer ensures you can actually play the latest and greatest PC gaming titles, but if you want to compete online with even a marginal level of success, you're going to need to get yourself a kickass mouse as well. Gigabyte's new Aivia Uranium seems to fit the bill, particularly if you want to go wireless without having to swap batteries every few days.

The usual approach to boosting a device's runtime is to just include a larger battery, but when it comes to the precise movements and twitches needed for PC gaming, any extra weight is a no-no. So the Alivia Uranium uses just two rechargeable AAs that are promised to provide around 70 hours of battery life. And to squeeze as much battery life from those batteries as possible, the memory for storing custom macros is actually included on display-equipped charging base station which doubles as the wireless receiver.

The tiny monochrome OLED display also provides quick reference for the mouse's remaining battery life, its current DPI setting which maxes out at 5600, and the ability to tweak the macros you've setup. All for a yet-to-be-announced price that probably won't be that far off from its predecessor which sells for around $150.

[Gigabyte via Post Ants via Everything USB]

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