Game Of Thrones Is Now Easier To Stream In Australia Thanks To Quickflix And HBO

So you don't have Foxtel and can't watch the new Game Of Thrones series legally? Don't fret. Quickflix has today made a deal with HBO so that Aussies can now instantly stream or download the latest eps of hit shows like Game Of Thrones on almost any device.

The deal announced this morning sees Quickflix and HBO enter what's known as an electronic sell-through agreement. Basically it means that anyone -- not just Quickflix customers -- can stream or download HBO shows like Game Of Thrones on any compatible device.

Android and iOS tablets and smartphones, PCs, Macs, smart TVs and game consoles that are compatible with Quickflix will all be compatible with the new HBO agreement for Game Of Thrones.

Customers can purchase HBO content either by the season or on a per episode basis. Licenses allow that content to be streamed on up to five devices.

There's no word if there will be a delay in the availability of the content, but one assumes it will be available as the episode airs in the US. We'll chase that up, however.

Quickflix hinted at its upcoming ability to debut content on the same day of release via its service just months ago.

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    I wonder how many people will cease using the method they have grown accustomed too.

      I definitely will, because it's only by supporting these initiatives that we'll see more of the same in future.

        I definitely agree with thar

      legit services? aint nobody got time fo dat

    "So you don’t have Foxtel and can’t watch the new Game Of Thrones series legally?"

    Or you could watch legally via itunes.

      Or we can ignore both those terrible services and now use Quickflix, I have enough issues with running iTunes at work since the new interface an do not want that garbage on my personal system. Quickflix is good enough for me. I'll now be paying to watch the latest episodes, instead of pirating until bluray release.

      Or if you don't use itunes.

        or if you don't have a tv/monitor/smartphone/monitor/tablet/vr style headset, or if you don't have eyes....

        Last edited 16/04/13 3:56 pm

          lots of people including myself boycott Apple, so comparing not having iTunes to not having a TV is pretty retarded.

            it was a joke dude, the OP was just mentioning that the comment unless you have foxtel you cant watch it was wrong as you can watch it through iTunes which is correct, if you choose to get all soapboxy about Apple thats your prerogative

            Not really. I live in a house with 9 bedrooms. We have not a single TV connection in the whole place but have at least 11 pc's/mac's with iTunes installed that I can count. Including iPdas, and iPhones there would be close to 20.

              there you go edited for your situation lol, hope i didnt miss anything in my facetious reply

              i dont even...

              i have 1 main pc and an asus rt66u router that streams all my content to my tvs, laptops, phones, tablets etc etc

              dont even need a single piece of software or special hardware like a media centre to be able to stream content

              itunes is unnecessary and restrictive more than anything

      You can't from Australia iTunes. There is no option to like in the US.

        That's not correct. I have been watching Game of Thrones on iTunes (Australian account), since the beginning. Each episode is available the day after it shows on Foxtel.

      I have an Apple TV with a US iTunes account and even when attempting to purchase Game of Thrones legally through iTunes I still cannot access the currently airing season 3. Only seasons 1 and 2 are available.

      Even when accessing the iTunes store on my Mac the episodes of GoT available are still only those from seasons 1 and 2.

      So when people say 'you could buy the current episodes legally through iTunes' are they sure that season 3 is actually available through iTunes as it air in the US? or is there a misconception here? What am I missing?

        Only available in the Australian iTunes store. One of the few times where Australia got the better deal in terms of iTunes tv show release. Probably has something to do with exclusivity within continental US by HBO.

          Aaah I see. Thanks for clearing that up for me. I have my Apple TV signed into a US Tunes account in order to use Hulu Plus, so that has obviously prevented me from being able to see season 3.

          With season 3 costing $33.99 (in HD) through Apple, Quickflix sure looks attractive at $14.99 per month. 10 episodes per season means at least a 3 month subscription to Quickflix, which would cost $45 all up, but at least you're also getting access to a lot of other content at the same time.

    The problem is that it is only streaming, and even then only to a limited number of devices (up to 5), it's better than nothing, but how much better could it be if they allowed download of a DRM Free copy that could be played on whatever device you like.
    At least they are starting to try, but I wonder why they don't try to fight fire with fire and just have a private paid-for torrent tracker, HBO could make money and give people what they want... and if they do it cheap, but only supply 720p or less they can still market the Blu Ray to the same customers.
    Or better yet, make it a free tracker, that you get access to by pre-purchasing the Blu Ray, they can get money in advance, and those who buy the Blu Ray still get to see it as it's released, but with a nice convienient way to get it.

      THESE - Brilliant ideas

      But... but... but... TORRENTS ARE EVIL! Piracy is destroying the entertainment industry! Why would an industry change its practices to deliver content to people in a format that they actually want when they can stick to an antiquated approach and rant and complain and sue an occasional person for lots of dollars?

      Plus, implementing these ideas would take away precious time from their efforts spent lobbying governments to introduce draconian and moronic legislation.

        Seems like the masses torrenting is finally forcing the big guns to offer alternatives to 6 months delayed show screenings or the over priced Foxtel subscriptions.

        Which is a good thing!

          It is ironic that it took torrenting to convince the overseas market to consider Australia as a viable market to capitalise on. Normally they never bothered.

            Yeah I'm the schmuck and pay for the BluRays clearly! haha

    So is there some sort of link that takes us to this magical licence purchasing page? As a Quickflix subscriber, I feel finally vindicated in trusting that this would happen eventually!

    Quickflix is a bloody rip off, nothing worth watching available for streamin

    is the itunes hd version drm encumbered?

      No HD streaming video service anywhere (that sells/rents big budget TV shows) is DRM free.

    I would really like to be able to do this - But I can't find Game of Thrones on the HBO Collection page (of the Quickflix website) and I don't really want a subscription for anything except GoT.

    So I tried Netflix and Hulu recently and I was not impressed at all.
    To be honest I didn't get much time to play with it, but I fired up a few random episodes of shows I was watching at the time, for example, Walking Dead, Supernatural, Burn Notice... things like that.

    The first thing I noticed was that Netflix doesn't have the season that's currently airing. Only past seasons. Good to catch up with but that's all.

    On the other hand Hulu has current shows but the choices are varied. Half the things I tried redirected me to different websites where I was again asked to sign up or where I could only watch one episode even if Hulu claimed it had more.
    The other downside here is that while Hulu content seems to be good quality, the streaming from (tried Walking Dead for example) was horrible. It looked worse than a 280p youtube video.
    And of course very little is available on the free Hulu service - most things require a subscription.

    I actually had the same problem with Netflix. I tried the first month free trial, and I was not impressed with the quality. Especially because they are all previous seasons, I couldn't understand why they were in standard definition. I'm happy to watch shows in 720p, my connection probably wouldn't handle extensive 1080p streaming anyway, but SD is a bit too low these days for my liking.

    Has anyone played around with these services some more? Has anyone had better experiences?

    To be hones I haven't looked at Quickflix for ages.

    Also as for this GoT episode thing - I think it's going to depend on the price. a $10-15 monthly subscription is fine. $10 per episode is not. Show me an add or 2 at the start and I would be fine with that.

      I'm currently in the early days of subscriptions to both Netflix and Hulu Plus as I created accounts about 2 weeks ago. I access them through my Apple TV2.

      So far I'm reasonably pleased with the service, for the price, but I agree with much of what you said. Netflix has a lot of content, but unfortunately lacks the currently airing seasons of shows. Although Hulu Plus has currently airing seasons, the range of TV shows on offer is limited, especially where the big name popular TV shows are concerned. Plus it appears Hulu Plus is only able to afford access to these latest airing seasons through inserting ads into the stream (which is fair enough given that the monthly price of just $7.99 is no doubt a subsidised by the ads).

      I don't have any issues with the quality of the videos when played back through my Apple TV2, but it would be nice if more episodes actually had 5.1 sound.

      I've never tried Quickflix (yet), but like Netflix and Hulu Plus I'm guessing Quickflix is not a service that would tick every box for what I'm looking for in a streaming provider, i.e. broad range of shows the including the popular shows from the big studios, with the currently airing seasons, plus good playback quality.

      I'll have to have a closer look at Quickflix now and see how the range of shows compares to Netflix and Hulu plus, as well as how recent the episodes provided are. This deal with HBO might mean that we can access GoT as soon as it's released in the US, but that doesn't mean all the other shows offered by Quickflix are equally as current.

    Lol at all the 'torrentor's. That's so last decade. Why would any still torrent anything when you have NZB's!

    Oh wait ... did I just let the cat out of the bag? NZB? what's that? Oh wait #2 - I must be on Internode with free Usenet access?

    /me chuckles to himself at seeing people still think torrenting is the fastest way to grab something, not to mention you're telling the world (via your ip) that you're torrenting something .. oh wait... .... . .. .....

      Superiority complex much? Torrenting is still a fast, easy and relatively safe method for many people. Its not like the US where you can expect a random lawsuit from a content provider. Not yet anyway.

    Yep... Will now give Quickflix a serious look.

    Edit: Wait, so this isn't included in a streaming subscription and is individually sold? Nope...

    Last edited 16/04/13 11:42 am

      That's a plus in my book. Sure it would be nice if they offered it to subscribers too, but given I wasn't interested in signing up to Quickflix, individually purchasing the content I want suits me better.

    Cue pirates making excuses as to why they don't like quickflix as a reason to keep downloading torrents. Honestly if George RR Martin arrived on their dooorstep with a gold plated DVD on a silver tray they'd still find excuses to download it for free.

      I agree with you, so I do purchase it via iTunes and Foxtel. Although I have a few devices which I occasionally watch the shows on (at work/uni etc) so I also download them so I can watch them on those devices. Honestly while still illegal, At least some money is making its way into the appropriate coffers. When a solution which allows me to watch it on multiple varied devices, they can take my money as well.

      If it was a Gold plated Blu-Ray I'd consider it. No one should be made to watch Game of Thrones in dirty, smelly, old standard definition!

    I think I'll download it on my PS3 when I get home. This is good news for everyone. HBO, GoT, Quickflix and consumers... about bloody time. Hopefully Quikflix can flesh out their library with more content, it's pretty pathetic at the moment.

    Last edited 16/04/13 12:29 pm

    According to The Australian, this will be coming sometime in May, and will bring current seasons of GoT and True Blood.

    I've already got Netflix but it doesn't have HBO content. So if I sign-up for Quickflix as well, it'll look like this:

    Netflix $8
    Unblock-us $5
    Quickflix $15

    That's $28.

    I still have Foxtel and that costs over $70.

    Yep, goodbye Foxtel.

    Given how awesome the show is, and how I've now run out of legitimate reasons to pirate, I'm going to give this a go. This is pretty close to what we've all been asking for right? (providing its 1080p/5.1 at a decent bit-rate). Sure it has DRM, but so does every single other HD content delivery service, apart from FTA TV. As long as the DRM doesn't cause problems or get in the way, I don't see it as a big deal with video (problematic DRM with games is another thing entirely).

    Great news for a market lacking any real willing competitors.
    Too bad that it's quickflix.
    Looks like the market is still lacking.

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