Game Of Thrones Is Now Easier To Stream In Australia Thanks To Quickflix And HBO

So you don't have Foxtel and can't watch the new Game Of Thrones series legally? Don't fret. Quickflix has today made a deal with HBO so that Aussies can now instantly stream or download the latest eps of hit shows like Game Of Thrones on almost any device.

The deal announced this morning sees Quickflix and HBO enter what's known as an electronic sell-through agreement. Basically it means that anyone — not just Quickflix customers — can stream or download HBO shows like Game Of Thrones on any compatible device.

Android and iOS tablets and smartphones, PCs, Macs, smart TVs and game consoles that are compatible with Quickflix will all be compatible with the new HBO agreement for Game Of Thrones.

Customers can purchase HBO content either by the season or on a per episode basis. Licenses allow that content to be streamed on up to five devices.

There's no word if there will be a delay in the availability of the content, but one assumes it will be available as the episode airs in the US. We'll chase that up, however.

Quickflix hinted at its upcoming ability to debut content on the same day of release via its service just months ago.

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