Film Reels Of Classic Movies Are Absolutely Gorgeous

Film Reels Of Classic Movies Are Absolutely Gorgeous

Austrian photographer Reiner Riedler created his photo series ‘The Unseen Seen’ by snapping shots of the film reels of famous movies. They’re drop-dead gorgeous and somehow uniquely different from each other.

It’s like getting the feel for a movie from just looking at the combination of colours in its reel. I want to hang these photographs up as artwork.

Riedler gained access to an incredible archive of film reels from The Deutsche Kinemathek in Berlin. You can see how some of the reels come together given the tone of the movies while others just look breathtakingly textured. Riedler says:

The concept is to confront the viewer with the image of an object (filmrolls) and in doing so recall images from the spectator’s memory. By reading the movie title, I want to generate emotions and images from our memory.

You can see more of his work here. [Reiner Riedler via PetaPixel]