Facebook Home Is Officially Out In Australia [Updated]

What's up, Facebook fans. Here's one for you to Like. Facebook Home just landed in Australia! Here's how you can get it.

It's a fairly simple process, as long as you have a supported device.

What you'll need to do is head over to the Google Play Store, download the Facebook app and then the Facebook Home app. Once they're both installed, you choose Facebook Home to be your default launcher and you're done!

Beware, though: Facebook Home seems to override some of your existing security settings -- i.e: pattern unlock, face unlock -- to put your personal info like Facebook photos, a list of your apps, and status updates outside of the security fence.

You can get Facebook Home easily only if you have a supported device. The list includes the HTC One X/X+ (if you imported one of the latter), the Samsung Galaxy Note II and the Samsung Galaxy S III.

If you have a device other than that, you can either wait (pfft) or check our guide on how to get it for yourself.

Update: Looks like Galaxy Note II devices on running Telstra firmware aren't actually registering as supported devices...



    Installed... tried it... and uninstalled within about 40mins... Interesting idea... perhaps in a couple of versions time, it'll be good... but... It hides way to much of the things I like about my phone

    As someone who literally uses facebook all the time, and can't help but clicking it every time I unlock the phone, I was pretty unimpressed by this. Have to agree, it hides away most of the things I like about my phone.
    That being said, Its awesomely fast, clean, and pretty intuitive for what it is.

    Wow,.. got a Telstra branded Galaxy Note II and it tells me not a support device. Anyone else have the same issue?

      Yep same here, Google Play tells me its compatible, Facebook home says no...

    tried it, tried to like it... removed it... completely pointless imo

    As with many other people, I've tried it and am unimpressed. I lose all widget functionality and all home screen shortcuts. It makes everything for me more difficult.

    Tried it and meh. Ive got a SGS3 4G and while I like the look of it, and its quite slick, the images on the lockscreen are always pretty blurry. I dont particularly like facebook and so having it on the lockscreen Also there is literally no customisation options, which I for one, have an android phone for. Uninstalled.

    Installed on my Note 2, lasted 2 minutes. YUK!

    Can I have a Google+ home instead? Thx bye.

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