Every Library Should Come With This Built-In Slide

It's no secret how the recently built Panorama House, which stretches along the hilltop like a beautiful, stone accordion, got its name. But while the outside is lovely to behold, it's what's hiding within that really caught our attention: an awesome library-slide crossbreed in a stadium seating body.

Moon Hoon, the South Korean architect who designed the home, wanted to create a dynamic environment for an active, growing family, noting:

The basic request of upper and lower spatial organisation and the shape of the site promted a long and thin house with fluctuating facade which would allow for more differentiated view. The key was coming up with a multi-functional space which would be a large staircase, bookshelves, casual reading space, home cinema, slide, and many more...The initial design was accepted and finalised almost instantly, only with minor adjustments. The attic is where the best view is possible, and it is used as a play room for younger kids. The multi-use stair and slide space brings much active energy to the house, not only children, but also grown ups love the slide staircase.

And if this isn't enough to get kids excited about reading... we're doomed. You can check out even more photos of the home on Contemporist. [Collosal]

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