Equip Yourself With Slingshots For The Zombie Apocalypse

When you think about how you would deal with a zombie invasion, the weapons that come to mind probably don't include slingshots. But if the story of David and Goliath has taught us anything it's that slingshots are pretty deadly. Plus that whole underdog thing. Whatever.

Joerg Sprave wanted to make sure he was ready for the undead so he got fellow YouTubers, Zombie Go Boom, to send him two of their rubber zombie heads. Then he filled the head cavities with red wine. Because of course he did.

He tested a homemade slingshot and a commercially made model and the results were pretty solid. The main takeaway here? A zombie apocalypse where the monsters bleed red wine will be way more relaxing and full of antioxidants than any alternative. [Slingshot Channel]

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