Don't Spill Anything On This $55 Foosball Table

You'd assume that a foosball table made from 100 per cent renewable materials — cardboard and wood — would be best suited for students on a limited budget. But even with a handy cup holder, the odds are the Kartoni would be soaked in spilled beer after just a couple of games, destroying its structural integrity.

However, it's also just $55. So if you're worried about it not surviving, you can easily order a backup as well. And if the drab brown cardboard finish is clashing with your game room's motif, you can use paint, coloured pencils or even crayons to colour it exactly how you'd like. It's completely customisable, folds flat for easy storage, and it even comes with a built-in speaker for connecting to your MP3 player of choice; a feature that even high-end foosball tables are surprisingly lacking.

[Pappkicker via Inhabitat]

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