Don't Mistake This Ski Resort For The Actual Mountain

The Slow Horse is a hotel in a tiny ski town, which is fitting. It mimics its mountainous Northern Italy setting so closely it wouldn't belong anywhere else.

The striking top structure — a new addition to the original first story — is raised above the ground by various concrete supports, creating a visual separation between the new and the old. And of course, the angular roof is the most notable piece of its construction. The carefully placed peaks and valleys collect snow and ice beautifully in the winter. Then, when everything thaws out, water can simply flow down the sloped roof without falling into public places.

Although in its modern style, the Slow Horse is quite different than what you'd expect for a ski resort, its cloak of timber is a nod to the traditional mountain cabin style. And it looks so much like a mountain that it couldn't possibly be anywhere else.


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