Daft Punk To Hold Its Global Album Launch In Regional NSW?

Daft Punk To Hold Its Global Album Launch In Regional NSW?

The world waits with bated breath to hear the new sound Daft Punk have to show us, and it looks like the DJ duo have chosen a less than conventional place to hold the launch party for the new album, Random Access Memories. It’s reportedly going to get its first play at the Wee Waa Show in Regional NSW. Wait…what?!

The Wee Waa Courier and Triple J are reporting that representatives from Daft Punk’s label have called up the Wee Waa Show organisers in regional NSW to organise the show as the launch site for the DJ duo’s highly anticipated new album.

Wee Waa is a tiny little rural town with a population of just under 1700. Even if everyone in the town rocked up to hear the first play of the album, it still wouldn’t represent a capacity crowd for Daft Punk.

While the two mysterious, helmeted DJs won’t play live at the Wee Waa Show, it will be the global launch site for the album.

This sounds like a hoax to me, but a lot of me really hopes it’s the God’s honest truth. In the meantime, go listen to the 3-minute remix of the two samples from Random Access Memories that have been released so far. [Wee Waa]