Daft Punk Sells Out Tickets For Wee Waa Regional Show

And that's all she wrote, folks. Tickets to the Wee Waa Regional Show where Daft Punk will be holding the global exclusive first play of its new album, Random Access Memories, has officially sold out.

4000 tickets were on sale for the Wee Waa Regional Show, and all of them have vanished in just 25 minutes. The server is still getting slammed, however.

I expect scalpers to start eBaying tickets shortly.


    So are any of the people who actually live in Wee Waa able to go to their Show?

      Seems to be a bit of misinformation around, but apparently if you live in Wee Waa's postcode area you get in anyway? In any case we bought some tickets just to be on the safe side.

    Whats hilarious is that people seem to be looking at this thinking that Daft Punk themselves will be there. Daft Punk are not going to be there people, it is a simple album launch.

      They've attended album launches by surprise before, it's always possible they might do so again.

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