Could This Be The Front Of The Next iPad?

Since the launch of the iPad mini, there has been some speculation that the next full-size iPad might ape its looks. Today, French site Nowhere Else has published an image of what it claims to be the bezel of the next iPad — which does indeed look a little like the mini's.

While it's certainly worth taking a rather large pinch of salt along with the picture, it's worth pointing out that Nowhere Else does have previous good form when it comes to Apple rumours — correctly spotting the Lightning connector and the iPhone's nano-SIM cradle in the past.

As for the bezel, it certainly appears to be narrower down the sides than the current iPad, and feature a slightly chamfered edge. That might, maybe, possibly suggest that the next iPad will have a slightly smaller footprint. Or it might just be a hugely misleading rumour. Tough to know for sure — and we can't wait to find out. [ via 9to5mac]

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