Click Frenzy Is Happening Again Because…Oh God Who Even Knows Why

Click Frenzy Is Happening Again Because…Oh God Who Even Knows Why

Remember Click Frenzy? That monolithic marketing exercise (read: failure) that made a laughingstock of traditional retailers and their attempts to be hip, online sellers? It’s happening again because stupid people never learn their lesson. Get ready for Click Frenzy II: THE CLICKENING.

AAP reports that the next Click Frenzy sale will be held tonight, to cash in on Mother’s Day.

The head of the Click Frenzy outfit says that their network wasn’t ready for 1 million visitors last time. This time they’re ready for 3 million, instead. *slow clap*

Honestly, Click Frenzy will still probably have paltry savings and half-arsed “deals” on offer again, but I imagine it will actually work quite well this time around technically speaking. The Click Frenzy organisers will most likely spring for better network capacity so that their website doesn’t fold in the first 30 seconds again, and retailers are likely to also prop up their ailing infrastructure to support traffic, too, but none of that actually matters.

Shoppers still have the sour taste of the last Click Frenzy in their mouths, and they aren’t likely to take another bite so soon after the last epic online clusterf**k.

Either way, we’ll be on hand to bring you the tech specials on the day and to laugh at the eventual catastrophe.