Click Frenzy Is Happening Again Because...Oh God Who Even Knows Why

Remember Click Frenzy? That monolithic marketing exercise (read: failure) that made a laughingstock of traditional retailers and their attempts to be hip, online sellers? It's happening again because stupid people never learn their lesson. Get ready for Click Frenzy II: THE CLICKENING.

AAP reports that the next Click Frenzy sale will be held tonight, to cash in on Mother's Day.

The head of the Click Frenzy outfit says that their network wasn't ready for 1 million visitors last time. This time they're ready for 3 million, instead. *slow clap*

Honestly, Click Frenzy will still probably have paltry savings and half-arsed "deals" on offer again, but I imagine it will actually work quite well this time around technically speaking. The Click Frenzy organisers will most likely spring for better network capacity so that their website doesn't fold in the first 30 seconds again, and retailers are likely to also prop up their ailing infrastructure to support traffic, too, but none of that actually matters.

Shoppers still have the sour taste of the last Click Frenzy in their mouths, and they aren't likely to take another bite so soon after the last epic online clusterf**k.

Either way, we'll be on hand to bring you the tech specials on the day and to laugh at the eventual catastrophe.



    This is what happens when you let a marketing wanker wax lyrical about server capacity.

    In short, Grant Arnott has shit–all idea about what's he's talking about when it comes to the infrastructure he's paying for, and there's a good change the team providing that infrastructure is making a nice killing promising Arnott that everything's faster while keeping server costs uniform.

    The sad part is that thanks to our democracy we can't hang the fucker once his website crashes again. Mob rule has its upsides, y'know.

      wax lyrical?

        Read a book!

        Well he's certainly not waxing technical.

        Wax lyrical. It's a perfectly cromulent word.

          Have you been eating too much tamacco? It might cromulent but its also craptacular!

            I was going to correct your spelling of tomacco. But then I saw craptacular. I lol'd. I love that word.

 of my favourites actually....

          Basically means "talking shit".

          Last edited 24/04/13 4:40 am

    because online shopping is a right not a privilege

    Last edited 05/04/13 11:52 am

    Regardless of whether or not people remember the site crashing, they'll still remember that none of the deals were anywhere near exciting, as will probably be the case again this time!

      That's true, after spending hours to get on to it the deals weren't that good at all!

    I chanced across Click Frenzy, but was suspicious when it would not show anything unless I registered with my email. I found this and a few other sites, and am now a lot wiser. Thanks everyone.

    Luke, you sound like someone who missed out last time or something mate.
    People will always be drawn to these kinds of "sales", and the marketing droids know this.
    There will be more of these as more and more "normal" retailers try their hands at being online.
    No one's twisting anyone's arms to visit this one either though.
    Same old story, if you don't like it, don't do it.

    I wrote to them and they didn't bother to answer. Quotes below.

    As far as I am concerned, after your last fiasco of unwanted emails generated by association to your site, the onus is now upon you to demonstrate that users will not be 'consenting' to unwanted email due to a false perception.

    So lets start with a very simple question. What precisely is the event by which your business or any directly or indirectly associated businesses believe a user has 'consented' to email marketing content?

      my cats breath smells like catfood.

        Lousy Smarch weather...

    Nothing makes my skin crawl more than those patronizing, young hipster salespeople in places like JB HiFi and Hardly Normal.

    Burying a tomahawk in their skulls would give me nothing but a sense of pride and accomplishment.

    Oh, how I despise you so.

      Hey, needlessly aggressive dude,

      You know you can avoid your unjustified agnst against these people just by not patronising their stores.

      Grow up.

    *shrug*. I got a Canon 650D from Teds during the sale for a quite god price, especially when local warranty is factored in.

    There were a lot of miserable deals, but there were good ones to be had too. I'm happy for retailers to give it another shot...why not?

    I'll stick with Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales in the USA.
    They're still better value and more stable then Click Frenzy.

    The whole thing is a scam to collect email addresses they can sell to direct marketing companies. People would be better off avoiding it.

    A bit of a shame Dick Smith aren't doing it this time round. Bought a Wii with Mario Kart off them for $100 last time so that wasn't too shabby. Looking to get a tablet for my Dad on the cheap, preferably the Nexus 7, but I've only been able to find MWave doing deals on tablets that are actually usable. Even then I've heard MWave are a bit iffy at times in terms of service.

    Saying to my myself, "Don't get sucked in again"

    But I'm sure it will happen.

    All the American and UK stores that target Australians had better sales at the same time anyway last time.

    Given this is the second article about this in as many days, it seems more likely it left a sour taste in YOUR mouth lol..

    I'm sure there are plenty of what you would call "stupid" say, housewives, who would be more than happy with their savings.. But hey. You're the smart one. And only the intelligent can get away with being judgemental, it seems.

    Must be good to be so much better than all the little people :)

    Luke (I write this stuff because I think its hip to be controversial and negative) If "FAILING" means that they have so many consumers trying to shop on the site it crashes I'd love a fail like that everyday, I'd be a millionaire by the end the of the week!

    A saw on a different site they had 2 million visits in the first 2 hours! Does your website handle that amount of traffic?

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