Cat Lovers Squatting In The Australian Christian Lobby's Domain

Our least favourite public interest organisation, the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL), has just been served a delicious lesson in how not to secure your web presence. One of its domain names lapsed, and now it has been swooped upon by the Australian Cat Ladies.

The domain is, and it used to redirect to the Australian Christian Lobby's main site,

The Australian Cat Ladies are pretty pleased with themselves, saying that they overtook the site to change the conversation from "religious bigotry" to conversations about cats, which we're all for!

The Australian Cat Ladies are now taking expressions of interest for membership, and when said in a statement about the founding of the group, "Meow meow, meow MEOW meow meow MEOOOOOW purrrrrrr".

Check out the full site. [ACL]



    I wonder if the ACL (the Christian one) will crucify the guy in charge of their website...?

    This is too hilarious, and since it is not an Australian domain name, good luck getting it back!

    That's great!!!!

    I'm Christian and the those crazy people over at the ACL don't represent all Christians, I don't know any Christians that support them. They give Christians a bad name, we don't all think like those nut jobs.

    Does acl have a trademark? If so could Hilary Bowman of Victoria be on the receiving end of a trademark infringement suit soon ?

      Having a trademark would not be relevant.

      McDonald's couldn't sue McDonald's Plumbing for example as they are trading in two different markets.

    Unless they have been promoting that URL elsewhere, I don't imagine many people accidentally seeing that site instead of the real one. Would have been newsworthy if they got hold of instead.

    They'll have to register a more accurate name for themselves then I suppose, like "The Australian rightwing nutjob insane homophobe sexist loser party". No one would bother squatting that one...

    Reminds me of the EDL campaign. The English Defence League is a far-right racist movement against perceived Islamic threats in the UK, but a campaign is trying to get the English Disco Lovers ( to rank higher in Google and get a bigger presence in social media.
    A few months ago was "the winter of disco tent".

    lol, all I have to say is, well played ladies, well played.

    Tell me again, why do we hate the ACL so much? What did they do?

      Well not much really, apart from promoting hatred, homophobia, sexism and general nastiness all on account of something they've misinterpreted in the only book they've ever read.

    One small paw forward for cats ... one giant leap forward for the human race .

    Mu used kitty litter rain down on narrow minded bigots everywhere

    This is why they lost it:

    A bunch of old white guys that probably think the internet is a bunch of tubes and a domain is a park.

    I like that my work blocks access to their site with the warning "Personal Beliefs/Cult"

      Was works intention to block the cat ladies site or the Christian one?? The cat ladies are pretty opinionated!!!

    I heard on the ABC this morning that the Australian Christian Lobby never actually owned the Domain "", and that they have released an official statement that they didn't lose anything to the Australian Cat Ladies.

    Giz, please verify this, because the reporting of this article may be floored. Would hate for a bunch of commenting bandwagon-jumpers to have gotten all excited with their pitch-forks for nothing.

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