Can You Really Call This Life-Size Iron Man MARK 42 Suit A Figure?

You can balk at the $US8500 price tag that Sideshow collectibles has slapped on this stunning life-size replica of the latest Iron Man armor, but like it or not, this is as close as you're ever going to get to owning your own. Besides, the real version probably cost Tony Stark half a billion dollars to build, so this is a downright bargain.

Available sometime in the second quarter of the year, this meticulously detailed replica stands over 2m tall, and includes glowing eyes, arc reactor and palm repulser. It's unfortunately not wearable, given it's packed with electronics and supports so it can stand on its own, but it would certainly make for one hell of a paperweight on your desk. There are also rumours that Audi may sell a life-size version of the gorgeous R8 that Tony drives in the film, but pricing is expected to be well north of a hundred grand.

[Sideshow Collectibles via Blog de Brinquedo]

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