Building This Bike Is Almost As Easy As Making A Sandwich

The SandwichBike not only sounds delicious in name, it's delightfully customisable. It comes to you in the mail, and you assemble it all by yourself. Although that sounds daunting, it's supposed to be insanely easy.

The Sandwichbike was designed by Basten Leijh, who completely rethought what you'd think of as far as a traditional bike goes. For example, instead of a metal frame, its skeleton is a formed from two weather-coated pieces of layered plywood sandwiched together (thus the name). It comes to you in a flat box that has all the parts inside — the chain, the bolts, the pedals and everything you need for your foot-powered vehicle. Interested? You can request one here, although price has yet to be determined. Just don't let the name fool you — it is not edible in the least. [SandwichBikes]

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