Beer Mapper App Takes The Mystery Out Of Choosing Your Next Pint

Imagine if an app could learn your taste in beer the way Netflix learns your taste in movies. It’s coming. Drink it all in.

Beer Mapper is a project by engineering student Kevin Jamieson. The app, when it becomes available, will work a lot like a Hot or Not for beer: It shows you two options and you pick the one you prefer. After you’ve gone through and picked beers for a while, you’ll be able to view a heat map that’s supposedly representative of the beers you might like the most.

How does it work? First, Jamieson created a database of beverages for the project by pulling reviews from the 50 most commonly discussed brews on After crunching the reviews, he was able to create a “map” of beers, which is a solid representation of the similarities and differences between beers. From there, all the app needs is for you to input on various kinds so that it can extrapolate your taste. [Kevin Jamieson via CoCreate]