Awesome Grandparents Build Awesome Treehouse Mansion For Grandkids

Awesome Grandparents Build Awesome Treehouse Mansion For Grandkids

It’s nice to be a grandparent, because you can enjoy spending time with your grandkids without worrying about the minutia of parenting. Plus, it’s your second go around with little rascals, so you get to have fun with it. Like Steve and Jeri Wakefield, two grandparents who are having so much fun at being awesome grandparents that they built their grandkids this amazing treehouse mansion.

I don’t think kids have ever dreamt of tree houses this nice.

The Wakefield’s enlisted the help of architect James Curvan to get their project going, and boy oh boy it’s a sight to see. There’s different stories, staircases, a climbing wall, rope ladder, zip line and even a suspension bridge.

The air-conditioned, electricity-equipped treehouse took three months to build and measures 9sqm (huge in treehouse terms!) with two decks and two lofts for sleeping.

Even though their grandkids have grown up now, the treehouse is open for neighbourhood kids to play in. Man, grandparents are the best. See more of this treehouse mansion here.

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