'Self-Proclaimed' Leader Of LulzSec Arrested In Sydney

The Australian Federal Police have confirmed that they have arrested the alleged leader of notorious hacking group Lulzsec in Sydney.

Watch The Alleged LulzSec Leader Sing Along To Grease

The alleged leader of the group, which spent its time breaching the CIA, Sony and News Corporation lives in Point Claire, NSW.

He was arrested yesterday and is being charged with hacking offences. Federal Police say he's the "self-proclaimed" member of Lulzsec.

The police allege that the man compromised and defaced a government website, triggering an investigation that led to his arrest.

The man is reportedly a senior member of staff at a prominent Sydney IT firm, and used his position of trust within the company to get access to sensitive information.

The AFP wanted to stress this morning that hacking isn't just "harmless fun", and that they will hunt down those who engage in security breaches and hacking activities around the country.

He was arrested in Sydney yesterday evening and was bailed to appear in Woy Woy Local Court on 15 May on the following charges:

Two counts of unauthorised modification of data to cause impairment, contrary to section 477.2 of the Criminal Code Act 1995; and
One count of unauthorised access to, or modification of, restricted data, contrary to section 478.1 of the Criminal Code Act 1995.

The AFP said that the combined sentence for the charges — if found guilty of all three — is 12 years imprisonment. That's heavy.

It's worth noting that Anonymous members in Australia are claiming that the man arrested isn't the leader, he's just someone who participated in DDOS attacks every now and then (language warning):



    LulzSec has a leader?
    Edit - Oh...Self proclaimed. That's different

    Last edited 24/04/13 10:59 am

    ha ha LuzSec..
    "Laughing at your incarceration since 2013"

    If he doesn't give up the rest of the collective, does that mean he will get shipped to Guantanamo for torture?

    Point Claire is on the Central Coast! There is a difference!

      What's wrong? He lives in Point Claire and was arrested in Sydney, presumably where he works.

    Just pointing out, that the 'leader' is in US prison and has given out LulzSec secrets to feds in USA, leading to the arrest of his buddies.

    Pretty sure Giz itself had at least three articles on this....

    Hang on a minute. Didn't they say he was just a self proclaimed member?

    " Federal Police say he’s the “self-proclaimed” member of Lulzsec."

    Poor journalism... That's a direct quote from your own article. So what is he? A self proclaimed leader or a self proclaimed member?

    Correct me if I am wrong, can't Feds use the IP Address of the originating Tweet from Anon or the Twitter Account itself to track them down???

    Last edited 24/04/13 1:56 pm

      Twitter has to give up that information first, which is private.
      Then the poster can use a proxy and or TOR to mask their ip.
      And just because the poster is clamining such things, doesn't mean they actually did anything.

        Absolutely. But if they really need to trap them, Twitter is liable to track this / give up this information, right?

      Only for newfags. Anyone worth their salt uses tor or similar.

        Bullshit. Wanna know how to never get caught for hacking without any computer savvy or technical skill ?.....don't do it. Simple.

        I would've thought someone with your intellectual caliber would have worked that out.

        Now, can you tell me if that was an insult, or compliment ?

        Last edited 24/04/13 8:32 pm

          It's called a 'back-handed compliment' :-)

          A couple of things to point out on your troll though...
          1. We weren't talking about hacking, unless you consider using Twitter to be 'hacking', in which case I couldn't return that 'compliment'.
          2. It's not bs - Tor will keep you relatively safe when posting online.

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