Australia Won't Get The Octa-Core Samsung Galaxy S4

Bad news, speed demons: Australia isn't getting the octa-core processor in the local version of the Galaxy S4. We'll be saddled with the quad-core version instead.

Samsung has told us today that the Australian version of the Galaxy S4 will only carry the quad-core chip made by Qualcomm, rather than the insane eight-core chip it showed off at the New York launch:

Samsung Australia is today confirming that the Samsung GALAXY S 4 will be available in Australia with the Quad-core 1.9 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon Series 600 processor and 4G LTE compatibility.
Globally, the majority of GS4 LTE versions will come with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon while 3G versions will be equipped with Samsung Exynos.

Samsung is holding a launch event for the Galaxy S 4 in Australia on April 23. We'll have all the pricing and release date information for you there.



    Isn't the phone 2x quad cores? One for high power one for low power? No 8 core.

      Thats how the eight-core works, but what this is saying is that it wont have that chip but rather just a standard (albeit ridiculously fast) single quad-core. From previous comments I've read this chip will be better for modding, so could be a blessing in disguise if you like your custom roms.

        If for some crazy reason I stop buying nexus phones it sure as hell won't be an Exynos equipped phone.... That's for damn sure.

          As an employee of a retailer that sells a broad range of snap dragon based phones (which is what the Au version of the S4 will run on) I can tell you it most certainly is not. Pick up any snap dragon based hand set and you will find that they run really hot (compare standard S2/S3/One X to S2 4G/S3 4G/One XL) and then there are not only noticeable long term differences in battery life and performance but all round quality of experience goes down dramatically. I would prefer the 3G variant over the 4G if just so that I can guarantee not having to send it away routinely for repair or losing my data when the phone cooks itself (which is quite common in our warranty repairs).

            You make a fair point. Though exynos still run hot after awhile. You may work in a retailer but it seems you don't know too much about how the chip works with everything else. Just go back to selling pre-paids and leave it to the big boys on discussing the big toys :P

    Looking forward to seeing this phone in person. I do not think we need a core war to be "the next big thing". I know I may be repeating a comment a million times over but I wish most smartphones manufacturers would invest more r&d into increase battery life so devices could last more than a day without a full recharge cycle. I applaud phones like Samsung's Note series (and very few other phones) which can be flogged with heavy usage and easily last a full day with 20-40% battery life to spare.

      If the battery lasted a day and a half instead of one day, then you would still be charging it the same way as you do now, ie nightly.

      but that is exactly what the 8 core is designed to do... save battery life.

    Lame. Just buy an iPhone.

      With a dual core processor! Wow that's awesome! I really want to pay for an overpriced iPhone with a UI that still looks the same from 2007. The S4 is so lame I mean seriously just get an iPhone. Idiot fan boy.

        .....says the Android fanboy. Lol. The Android vs iPhone war isn't going to be won from behind one's keyboard, so why bother feeding an obvious troll.

          I'm not an android fan boy. I actually have a Windows Phone. But I simply can't stand when people don't take technology on its merits and just say shit because they follow Apple no matter how over priced and under featured the crap is, they release.

          Last edited 08/04/13 4:12 pm

            Fair enough. Given your vehement response I assumed you were team Android.

            I currently use an iPhone 5, but I certainly don't follow Apples product line up blindly. I expect I will own my first Android phone at some point in the not to distant future.

              There is no war, they're all good phones. Why the mud slinging? *sigh* I'm guessing I'm an android fanboy because I own two A.Devices but oh wait, I'm an XDA fanboy because I love hacking. Weeeeeee

            I had an iPhone 3G, then I had 2 Android phones. HTC Desire and Galaxy Nexus. They all get slow and clunky over time. I went back to iPhone 5, and it is fantastic. I'll take the silky smooth simplicity over the little niceties any day, knowing that my phone works when I want it to work and feels like it's worth the money I payed for it.

              iPhones get slow and clunky too. I know plenty of people who love their iPhones day 1 then within a few months they're complaining because some feature is temperamental or the phone is sluggish

            If you buying a phone on contract the overpriced argument is kind of null in void since most people will be getting ripped by their carrier the same regardless what they get.

        Nobody hates iPhones (and those who use them) more than I do but the sad reality is that iOS runs perfectly well on a dual-core CPU and Android really needs a quad-core processor to be competitive. There are plenty of criticisms you can level at iPhone but performance isn't really one of them.

          very true, and that's something that so many people overlook. I had some guy telling me the other week that his S3 was so much faster because it was quad-core versus my dual-core iPhone 5. Yet every benchmark I've seen rates the iP5 slightly higher/faster than the S3 (I haven't exactly scoured the internet though so there probably are benchmarks where the S3 out performs the iP5).

          In any case it is indeed very true that iOS can simply do more with less hardware.

            Actually, the iPhone's speed advantage comes less from its OS, and more from the A4/A5's huge advantage in memory bandwidth. Check the benchmarks - Apple's chips score 2-3x any Android phone, at least last year's. They also have top-notch GPUs. OS latency differences are actually pretty minor since Jelly Bean (though rogue apps can certainly slow down Android much more).

            Thankfully that's changing, as Samsung & others realise the importance of memory bandwidth and GPU performance to overall responsiveness.

              Ironic how the A4 & A5 processors are manufactured by Samsung I guess...

          I had an iPhone 4S running iOS 5. Top of the range at the time. I would hardly describe the performance as "good", it was laggy and slow to respond at random times for no apparent reason.

          The UI itself, while looking quite dated and boring, was fine. But randomly having to click things 5 or 6 times before any kind of response made for a very average user experience.

            sounds like you got a dud

              You'd think, but others had told me that's pretty normal. Certainly happened on other people's that I'd used, too. :(

                I currently have an iPhone 4S of 1.5 years running iOS 6 and it works quickly and smoothly consistently to this day.

                Yeah I think you just got a dud mate, I've also got a 4S and it's ran perfectly fine on iOS 5 and 6. I'm definitely not a fanboy, but at this stage I feel happy with sticking with iPhones, for all the crap they cop it's probably been the most reliable smartphone I've had (been through a Nokia and 2 HTCs before I got the 4S).

                I'm not a fanboy, in fact my new xperia z arrives today, but got to say that both my iphone 4 and my partners 4s doesnt experience this phenomenon. Maybe you shouldnt always listen to what the "others" are saying and just get in to an Apple shop and have it fixed.

                  You assume I haven't. In their usual Apple arrogance, they would not admit there was a problem (even though it was demonstrated right in front of them), and said there was nothing that could be done. Very helpful indeed.

                  that sucks, sell it on ebay and buy another one lol

              Mail and the browser were especially crap in this regard, from memory.

          and windows xp ran perfectly well on a single core pentium. but its 2013 and people expect more from an operating system, and that requires more power

    Me and some friends have been talking about this vs. the one
    The way I see it:

    If I had to chose between the 2:
    One Pros:
    > Hardware design
    > Screen
    > Camera
    > Software (Samsung put sooo much other BS on there)

    S4 Pros:
    > Larger battery (probably needed because so much shit on there phone running in the background)
    > SD Slot (I've never needed it, but I know some people do)

    Please do not give me removable battery BS as a pro either. Just get a portable battery pack if it's important. It's cheaper, better and more convenient too.

      The removable battery has been useful for me when the phone has on occasion locked up. Wouldn't respond to any buttons, so only option was to remove the battery.

        I want to see the one's camera. Ultra pixel is such good buzz word lol

        apparently with the ONE-X, you can force it to reboot by holding down the power button for ten seconds.... so possibly this would be the same for the ONE

          This works on pretty much any devices that's half decent for the past 5 years...

        I think you'll find pretty much all phones will do a force shutdown if you hold down the power button. A removeable battery isn't required for this anymore, unless the device has been horribly designed which the Galaxy series have not.

          Yeah, I've done a bit more reading and it turns out that holding down the power button for about 20s should do the trick. I didn't know that at the time, so I wasn't holding down the power button long enough. Without knowing how to reset (and without access to the internet), the only option was to pull the battery.

      - Battery on the One is disappointing according to Giz's and other website's reviews.
      - One is shipping with older version of Android (4.1.2 vs 4.2.2)
      - One's Camera is good in low light, but low res noticeable in cropped / zoomed shots

      HTC sense vs Galaxy S4 skin pretty much comes down to personal preference (neither are perfect IMO).

        Except you'll rarely find a situation where you're zooming in so much that you'll need more than 4 megapixels, and if you are, then you should just have taken the photo closer to what you were photographing... who uses a phone for heavy duty photography anyway?

        Fair call on the android versions, though I don't think the difference between 4.1 and 4.2 is that great. Both will be dated by may when google release key slice lime though.

        On the battery side I would refer to more scientifc test like that performed by anandtech:

        It performs admirably. We can't really compare to the S4 as we don't know what it will perform like, but compared to the current crop of devices, it's right up there with the best in battery life.

      You can get a portable battery pack that costs only $6 and is 1/4 the size of the phone?

      I am still struggling to understand how the One camera is better. AFAIK the HTC camera has the "Ultrapixel" sensor- which seems great in low light. Now when the sun is shining, the S4's 13-Megapixels (4128 x 3096 pixels) must beat the One's 4-Megapixels (2688 x 1520 pixels) surely?

    I wager a lot of the S4 purchases in Australia will be grey imports.

      I'd be surprised if grey imports represent 1% of the market, most people buying high end smartphones still get them on plans, and most wont care about which processor it has, either way it will most likely be the fastest phone on the market. So in conclusion I will take that wager.

      No, like every other phone, the majority will be given with contracts by consumers who really couldn't care less what handset they get. They'll be happy with a Galaxy S4 because the name will be familiar to them, thanks to lots of marketing, and because the loser in the shop that signs them up will tell them it's a really good phone.

    I suppose at least now its closer to HTC and Sony, will be interesting comparing them side by side.

    The S4 is going to be the more successful of the 2 which is disappointing because the S4 is effectively a slight spec upgrade from the S3. The HTC One is just so beautiful, the design inside and out is stunning and the performance is on par or slightly better than the S4.

    id be interested to see the benefit of the speed between the two. I'm still using a galaxy s2 running jelly bean. while its not perfectly snappy, its still useable

    my point being, wouldn't you get an identical experience from both versions

      the 8 core was for battery not performance. It uses ARMs BIG.little architecture to swap from one CPU to the other when needed

    Australia receiving the quad-core version might not be such a bad thing if it means better battery life for the phone.

      the opposite, as per other comments, the 8 core is to save battery, it switches between a powerful quad and an efficient one

        Damn, that's a shame. I almost made the transition from iPhone 4S to Galaxy S3, but ultimately the reason I didn't swap was because of battery performance.

        Everybody I knew/know that owns an S3 claimed they were lucky to get a full day out of every charge. For me that's unacceptable, so I was hoping the S4 would provide a significant improvement. My iPhone 5 gets 2 days out of a single charge comfortably, so I'd be happy if the S4 got the same (or more). That might not be the case though if the quad-core has poorer battery life than the octa-core.

    WTF! why are we being excluded from the quad core?! what could possibly be the good reason for Australia to be excluded?

      LTE support.

    the 8 core was for battery not performance. It uses ARMs BIG.little architecture to swap from one CPU to the other when needed therfore saving battery by using the smaller cpu for tasks like notes or calls

      I think that makes the omission worse? Battery life is more important than octa-core performance IMO.

    That makes the decision to get the HTC One very simple.

    All that I can say is what a load of bull****. Australia is so far behind for no warranted reason. And what's the bet the price is the same or higher?! HA!

    The HTC One just got more attractive.

    "Australia won't get anything. Ever" - I think that's a more suitable title.

    Meh... Nexus 5, where art thou?

    I might just hold out for the Note 3, it is only a few extra months wait if the expected release date is true, and if I get the S4 I will have to buy outright or pay off my contract.....I have my Galaxy Camera for pics if I really need it

    LTE is fully supported in Exynos octa core...

      Supported by the chip yes! i9500 just doesnt physically have the LTE unit inside it however. The korean version has both the Exynos AND LTE.

    That Sucks! look's like we're gonna be paying MORE for a quad-core S4 for the same price as a Octo-core compare with overseas!
    Comon' Samsung you can do better than that! Why do we have to pay the same as everyone else but get a quad core instead???

    It would be i our interest to source a buyer from the states and ship them over here personally, the US dollar is cheap and probably worth the hassle.

    otherwise, it might be best to sit and wait for The One , new Nexus phone in the making or Iphone perhaps.

    funny i was speaking to telstra manger today i'm good friends with his daughter
    telstra getting the Exynos 5 eight core confirmed my telstra manager ask you're self go to local telstra shop and ask which gpu and cpu will sgs4 have no lie all true also said the price will be around $800+ for 16GB

      Damn bro, punctuation is free you know. I had a hell of time trying to read your comment. lol

      Totally incorrect, i9505 is the only one they sell and will ever sell (due to demand for 4G). They will sell the Note 3 however, which will have the Exynos octo in it.

    Does anyone know the excuse as to why Australia never gets more than the awful 16Gb version? I think its time we demand the 64Gb to be released, isn't it against the Free Trade Agreements we have?

    I ended up picking up the i9500 international over the i9505. Had second thoughts when I heard about the development side of things but glad I stuck to my guns (I think the whole "lack of development for Exynos" thing was a big exaggerated). After having both versions of the phone in front of me and being able to run tests on both I still think it was a good choice.

    Noticeably better audio due to chip (tested same song on both handsets side by side, havent needed any EQ settings on wolfson chip), battery doesn't drain as fast (ive had it 2 days without charge, on 17% atm, i think during idle times it doesn't drain as fast, also no LTE) and also no interface lag, even with multiple apps running. i9505 started to chug a little bit at times. Havent had it get hot except when using 3dmark to benchmark. Friends i9505 was write protected as well, couldnt flash the system partition. Havent found any solutions online to turn it off but it must be possible due to amount of development for i9505. Maybe carrier related?

    Also if you check XDA there is still a lot of development (custom roms etc) for the Octo, I guess some developers are persisting with the Exynos, despite it being "more difficult".

    In saying all this though, theyre both still ripper phones in their own right. Its not all about numbers, its about what you need out of a phone. Need 4G? Then absolutely the i9505...or HTC One hahaha! Dont care about 4G? i9500 all the way. Love custom roms? Either/either, go visit XDA to see whats available.

    i9500 has the better audio for sure but i9505 has 4G...dont worry about the CPU or GPU specs, they both kick ass in that department.

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