Australia Just Decommissioned The Last F-111C Fighter In The World

The Royal Australian Air Force's Amberley base, just outside of Ipswitch in Queensland, has said a sad goodbye to the world's last F-111C fighter. Seeing as it's the only one, I guess that means we're all bidding it adieu as well.

The F-111C came into Australia's possession in 1982, purchased from the US Air Force as an "attrition aircraft", according to a story by the ABC's Jesse Dorsett. In an interview with RAAF Wing Commander Clive Wells, it's mentioned that the craft last took to the skies two years ago, though its first flight was in 1969, so I'd say it's had a pretty good run.

Sadly, the jet is now a shell of its former self — literally. The weapons, engine, anything of use really, have been removed in preparation for its role as a museum piece at Wollongong's Historic Aircraft Restoration Society.

If you'd like to learn more of the aircraft's fate, the entire interview with Wing Commander Wells can be viewed over on the ABC website.


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