All Subways Should Be As Pretty As Berlin's

Taking the subway can be a nightmare, a confusing, smelly, litter-ridden nightmare. But it's not always that way. Berlin's subway, as it turns out, has some beautiful sights, and you can catch them all in an awesome blog devoted to the tubes.

In her tumblr, Endbahnhof, Australian photographer Kate Seabrook has been painstakingly documenting the Berlin subway by riding each line end-to-end and taking photos along the way. It sounds tedious, sure, but the results are awesome. Taking a special interest in the wide variety of tiling styles and typography present in Berlin's hundred-year-old U-Bahn.

Its not quite the same as taking a tour of Berlin via awesome hyperlapse, but it is a great look at the secrets the city is hiding below ground. You can check out all of Seabrook's dozens upon dozens of pictures over on Endbahnhof. [Endbahnhof via Laughing Squid]

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