All Music Boxes Should Look Like Bond Villain Speedboats

MB&F is known for its horological creations that eschew the form factors of traditional watch design. But the company has now taken its expertise in designing mechanical timekeeping wonders and applied it to the world of music boxes, resulting in what looks like a cross between a hydroplane and a retroriffic time machine.

The MusicMachine will spark no shortage of conversations about its unique design. But it's as much a technical marvel as it is a looker. Each brass cylinder plays three different 35 second snippets of a song, including the theme from Star Wars, Star Trek, and the Imperial March on one, and Smoke On the Water, Another Brick In the Wall and Imagine on the other. Both are covered in roughly 1400 small pins that strike a metal comb capable of producing 72 unique notes, and to play the different tracks the cylinders shift slightly to the side to realign the pins.

Only 66 of the MusicMachines will be produced — 33 in black lacquer and 33 in white — and they'll each sell for just over $13,000 each. Making it one of the most expensive and most limited media players to ever hit the market. But at least it comes DRM-free.

[MB&F via Hodinkee]

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