Airports Are A Beautiful Twisted Mess

Airports Are A Beautiful Twisted Mess

Airports are a weird contradiction; labyrinthine roadways and arteries between terminals, surrounded by an expanse of seemingly limitless straightaways. Put both together and you get wonderfully calculated mayhem and a few killer photos.

As a kid, New York photographer Jeffrey Milstein loved to film planes at LAX with his 8mm camera, and he brought the interest with him into adulthood, photographing the underside of many a jet plane. Now he’s taken to the skies to get overhead shots of where the metal behemoths roost, though exactly how he does it is his own little secret.

The shots — mostly of New York’s JFK — will be on display at the AIPAD Photo Show New York this month, and they’ll give you a real appreciation for the crazy hubs where you can catch a ride on a man-made bird that can take you literally anywhere in the world. Not that it makes the trip through security any easier to deal with.

[The Atlantic Cities via ArchDaily]

Pictures: Jeffrey Milstein