Adsum Detonator Speakers Blast The Crap Out Of Stuff

Ugh. Everything. Right? Time to walk over to the bookshelf and vent some aggression with this extremely compact and heavily designed $US800 speaker. This is the life.

The Adsum Detonator has two-way passive radiators, magnesium and aluminium cone subwoofers two 19mm dual ring radiator tweeters and a frequency response between 65Hz and 40 Khz. It seems like they're vaguely in the league of the Bowers & Wilkins PM1 or even the Cue Acoustics PS1, but they're just starting to ship. Keep the Detonator on your nightstand and you'll never sleep through your alarm again. [BornRich]


    Fancy passive speakers designed to handle up to 120w, and costing close to a grand.

    The only thing having the crap blasted out of it is your bank account.

      I would disagree, the design is quite impressive - though probably a bit pricey, at that end you're looking toward the extreme high end for a pair.

      They say they create the mid range tones without a midrange speaker but rather using 'shielded bass'.. Seems strange.

    That's good bass response for a 4" driver... but for half that money, the Audio Engine A5 speakers go 15 hz lower, and have built in amplification. Unless the Detonators have some incredible imaging, they're just another example of form over function.

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