A Scientifically Accurate Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Is So Gross

Cowabunga dude. Everything the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles did was so freaking cool: hang out, eat pizza, crack jokes and fight bad guys. They're just like us! Or at least, who we wanted to be when we were kids. But after seeing this scientifically accurate ninja turtles, well, maybe not. Turtles can get gross.

The animation was made by Animation Domination High Def who also created the hilarious scientifically accurate Spider-Man. A scientifically accurate ninja turtle isn't the worst thing in the world, but living down in the sewer with a rat teacher? Yeah, not a good look. It's OK, I'd watch the hell out of a scientifically accurate superhero series. [ADHD]


    but their turtle DNA was merged (somehow) with human DNA, thats why they are anthropomorphic. In one episode their turtle genes were taken from them (some magic spray or something) and they turned into teenage boys so their human DNA must be more dominant then the turtle DNA.

    Doesn't the 'mutant' part of the equation pretty much negate this video? They're mutants, not just human-sized turtles.

    ^ Least fun two people on earth.

      Yeah, I guess you're right. Overanalysing the scientific merit of childhood cartoons sounds like a way better path to thigh-slapping comedy gold =)

    This still doesnt explain what the heck Krang is...

      Krang is awesome. Pretty sure it's codified in the fourth Law of Thermodynamics or something.

      Krang was in command of an army of Rock Soldiers under the leadership of General Traag. He took the completed Technodrome for himself. When he was banished from Dimension X, Krang was stripped of his body and reduced to a brain-like form. Shredder built his exo suit in return for helping him defeat the turtles.

        I bet you've gotten laid with that story several times....

        He has eyes and a mouth on his brain! and little brainy-arm-stub-things he manipulates controls with! I guess that can all be explained by "That's just Dim X'ers roll"

    Noticed a bit of Lightning Bolt as the intro music, these guys are well worth checking out too! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UQ2ni-bYL_o

    This needed a huge (NSFW) in the header. Turtle appendages were so very, very unexpected.


        Mother walked by the door to my room when i was watching this. Im just lucky that my screen faces away from the door, so she didnt see.

      I just love the idea of someone watching an animation about ninja turtles in a work environment.

        I was bored...turtle penis was slightly more interesting, if alot more nauseating, than what I was doing...

          aren't you a funny wanker. He asked, I answered, there is this thing called the internet and you can look up information, it's new so you probably haven't heard of it.

            Someone is a little touchy about getting laid....or TMNT's....

            It was a joke....

      Agreed - lol - epic turtle penis' on my screen was not foreseen when I pressed play.

    Still better than the Micheal Bay version due out next year...

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