A Beautiful Meteorite That's Not Trying To Destroy The Planet

Not all meteor strikes have to be scary, exploding harbingers of an apocalypse to come. More often, in fact, they're just pretty. This one just screaming on through the Northern Lights even moreso than most.

Shot by Photographer Shannon Bileski of Signature Exposures, the picture was a lucky one. Shannon had been taking 8-second exposures of the green glow in the sky over Patricia Beach in Canada when the meteor just happened to fly into view. And while it may have been serendipitous, that doesn't make it any less impressive.

You can catch a slightly bigger version of the picture over on Shannon's Flickr page. And keep those cameras pointed skyward; maybe you can catch something too. You know, like the end of the world. [PetaPixel]

Picture: Shannon Bileski/Signature Exposures

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