A Badass Remote Tank Mower That Could Probably Clear A Forest

Remote-controlled lawnmowers are far from a new idea. People have been cutting grass from the comfort of a lawn chair for years now. But what if you needed to clear the side of a steep hill or obliterate some nasty weeds without ever getting up? That's when you'll need the intimidating half-tank half-mower called the TREX.

Weighing in at 245kg the TREX — short for terrestrial robotic explorer — can handle slopes as steep as 50 degrees thanks to a pair of grippy treads that can even handle snow. Its cutting blades and drivetrain are powered by a hybrid gas/electric powertrain, and it's frighteningly fast. If you were hoping to make short work of your chores with a TREX at home, you'll have to cough up a hefty $30,000, but from the looks of it you won't be disappointed. [EvaTech]

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