6 Clever Tricks You Can Do With Aluminium Foil

As a kid, I've always been amazed at the shininess and flimsiness of aluminium foil. It was always so, like, technological! And it was always around! But if you wanted to do more with aluminium foil, try out these six tricks.

You can make a AAA battery become a AA battery. You could quicken up your ironing time by half! Oh, aluminium foil. You continue to impress me. [Household Hacker via Laughing Squid]


    If only there was some sister blog to this site dedicated to these life hacks, we could take all these things and put them there! We'll call is Haker-of-life.

    Eek! What a waste of bacon fat. I hate seeing it go to waste. Wait until it hardens then spread it on your toast.
    Mmmm...baconny goodness.

    Also, don't forget the obvious: Aluminium foil hats to prevent the illuminati waves from entering your skull

    And you can make a hat to protect your thoughts from the government and aliens!!

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