10 Australians Who Need To Try Google Glass

10 Australians Who Need To Try Google Glass
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Prime Minister Julia Gillard was one of the first Australians to use Google’s new wearable Glass technology, but why should she have all the future-tech fun? Here are 10 other people who should use Glass.

Originally published on Business Insider Australia

Tony Abbott

[credit provider=”getty” creator=”Stefan Postles/Stringer”]

Prime Minister Gillard’s not the only one wearing spiffy glasses in the upcoming election campaign. Opposition Leader Tony Abbott doubles down on the glasses challenge.

Malcolm Turnbull

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We always see the Shadow Communications Minister and former party leader Malcolm Turnbull in Question Time with his iPad. A great use of Glass would be to livestream his questions.

Gina Rinehart

[credit provider=”getty” creator=”Paul Kane/Stringer”]

Perhaps if mining magnate Gina Rinehart had Glass she could keep track of which one of her kids are suing her this week?

Ed Husic

Image: Ed Husic

You may not know Federal MP for Chifley, Ed Husic, by name, but you know his work: he’s the guy fighting to make technology cheaper for Aussies in the Federal Parliament, and we think as and out and out geek he’d look great with a pair of Glass.

Cory Bernardi

Image: Cory Bernardi

Controversial Liberal Senator, Cory Bernardi, has gone on record before saying that Glass is one of the biggest threats to privacy imaginable. Bit harsh, really. We think he should at least give it a go first.

David Thodey

[credit provider=”getty” creator=”Lisa Maree Williams/Stringer”]

Telstra CEO David Thodey is a switched on kind of guy, and we think he’d really suit Glass.

Ian Narev

Image: Commonwealth Bank

It can be tough to keep track of the Commonwealth Bank’s astronomical profits, even if you’re Ian Narev, CEO. How about some handy glasses to keep track?

Richard Goyder – Wesfarmers CEO

[credit provider=”getty” creator=”Lisa Maree Williams/Stringer”]

Honestly, I’d just strap Glass to Goyder’s face and make him watch the “Down, Down” ads for days on end.

Gail Kelly

[credit provider=”getty” creator=”Brendon Thorne/Stringer”]

Gail Kelly is a trailblazer in Australian business, and we’d love her to blaze new ground in tech with Google Glass.

Clive Palmer

What better way to document the inaugural journey of the Titanic II than via Google Glass strapped to billionaire nutbag Clive Palmer’s face?