Your Facebook Profile Just Changed Again

Your Facebook Profile Just Changed Again

If you’re not the embrace change type, you’re going to throw another mini-fit today: Facebook is switching up the look of your profile. Again. Again, again.

The new Facebook profile design, compared with the old design (above).

There are two main changes: apps are getting plugged into your profile more cleanly than ever before. Things like Instagram and Goodreads will have their own special spots on your Timeline (if you use them), keeping the stuff you read and snap from cluttering up the rest of your personal feed.

This is a good thing. Clean is a good thing.

The shift you’re going to notice more than anything is a rejiggering of Timeline’s layout. The entire thing is getting split down the middle, putting an end to the confusing (for some?) alternative left/right display of posts, which some people had difficulty following chronologically. From now on, posts (from you or your friends) are segregated to the right side of the page. Everything else — your “about” info, recent activity — will be strictly on the left.

We can only hope this makes it easier to zoom up and down your digitised life and doesn’t just give us wasted white space.

The changes will start rolling out today. [Facebook]