You Can Now Visit Bletchley Park Online

An exhibit from the home of cryptography and computing is now available online thanks to Google, although you still should actually visit in person.

Bletchley Park has been added to the Google Cultural Institute, which means that the Codebreaking exhibit can now be viewed online. It's excellent stuff for fans of encryption history, and well worth your reading time.

That being said, having visited Bletchley more than a year ago, I've got to say that while the online resource is excellent stuff, there's nothing quite so awe inspiring as standing in front of a Colossus while it's whirring and spitting out tape feeds. Bletchley Park is a lot more than just one exhibit. Or in other words, if you should find yourself in the UK any time soon, make time to go see it. Trust me on this.

Bletchley Park: Home Of The Codebreakers [Google Cultural Institute] Image: Bletchley Park

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