WIN! An HP ENVY x2 Convertible Tablet!

WIN! An HP ENVY x2 Convertible Tablet!

We hope you’re ready, because we still have one HP ENVY X2 convertible tablet up for grabs, valued at $999! Here’s how you win. *Entries close at 10am today…

Update: This competition is now closed.

Who Won?

We had hundreds of entries, but at the end of the day there can only be one winner.

And that winner is…

Frank Smokrovic!

Frank won for an amazing poem that really caught our eye:

I’ve have gadgets and gizmos
and thingamy do’s
All had their own purpose
but it’s all just a rouse

To improve my lifestyle
And to truly be free
I dream of one gadget
For friends, family & me

It needs to be sleek
and it needs to be thin
I can’t surely have both
I think ” with a grin”

It can’t be too heavy
And can’t be too light
About 1.41 kilos
Sounds about right

Small size but big sound
does such thing exist
Beats Audio speakers
they’re high on my list

A stylus for freedom
to write and to draw
No prints or smudges
will kids leave anymore

A notebook at home
With keyboard sounds great
for those heavier tasks
or when staying up late

and then when on the go
A tablet it becomes
A swipe, tap, gesture or touch
Is the way that it runs

So I rush out the door
With tablet in arm.
Taking kids to play sports
And a weekend of fun

And while on the go
on a warm Saturday
We enjoy music & pictures
along the way

And once there
the kids have fun
as you’ll see
As my 8MP cam
catches their feats in HD

And when we get home
friends will see all the fun
On 11.6 in HD ultra wide view
I say, “Hey that’s my son.”

With a 64 Gig Hard Drive
Solid State
I’ll save all the action
At a very fast rate

Then to share with my friends
I’ve got that down pat
With NFC Tech share with a tap
Just like that

So as I sit back and dream of
How great life could be
I know dreams can come true
With the wonderful Envy x 2 from HP

Congratulations, Frank!

The HP ENVY x2 packs a 1.8GHz Intel Atom processor, packs 2GB of RAM, 64GB of solid state storage, an 8-megapixel camera, Bluetooth, NFC and ports galore. It also clicks into a nifty keyboard dock to provide as good a laptop experience as it does a tablet experience. Find out more.

The model you’re playing for is worth $999 and we’re excited to give two of them away to Gizmodo Australia readers!


And The Week 1 Winner Is…

Louise M aka @neagle. Congrats!

There once was a PhD student Louise,
who whilst editing her thesis killed many trees,
oh wouldn’t it be great,
if instead a PDF she could annotate,
on an Envy x2 sitting outside in the breeze!

We had over 360 entries in week 1.

Thank you to everyone who entered!

The good news is: we have one more HP ENVY x2 to give away, but you need to come up with a new answer and enter via the form below…


How to enter: The HP ENVY x2 gives you the power of two devices in one. It’s a tablet. And a notebook. Sleek and thin with an aluminium finish, it’s designed to suit your style and go wherever you do. And with its magnetic connectors, it makes switching from notebook to tablet an easy process.

Want one? Tell us via the form below how switching from notebook to tablet with the HP Envy x2 could improve your lifestyle?

Note: Entry now requires email registration to receive special offers from HP

Entries close at 10:00am (AEDT), Monday 25 February 2013.
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