Why You'll End Up Wearing A Smart Watch

People don't wear watches anymore. You'll look ridiculous. Why wouldn't you just use your smartphone instead? These are just some of the negative sentiments sceptics are spewing about smart watches, which are still very much in their nascent stage. Guess what? They're wrong.

Smart watches may seem like a dorky throwback now, but with so many companies working on new versions they have serious potential. Laptop Mag's Mark Spoonauer looks at five ways smart watches could impact your life.

Not only are there some promising smart watches already available, including the Pebble and Martian Watch, but Samsung has confirmed that it is working on its own watch. Meanwhile, Apple reportedly has more than 100 people working on a curved-glass iWatch that runs iOS and Google is said to be working on its own high-tech timepiece. All of these gadgets have the potential to improve your existence. Here are five reasons why smart watches will be anything but a fad.

1. You Can Glance at Info to Save Time

With all of the buzzing and beeping your phone does on a daily basis — I've personally come to despise the Galaxy S III's whistle and that awful "Droid" notification sound — a smart watch will let you know at a glance which calls are worth picking up (or ignoring), which messages are worth responding to, which tweets are worth re-tweeting and more. No more having to constantly unlock your phone only to discover that someone has invited you to try "My Birthday Calendar" on Facebook. Still, it will be critical for smart watch makers to let you customise alerts so your wrist isn't buzzing all day.

2. A Smart Watch Can Help You Live Longer

I now wear a Nike Sportswatch for running, and while I love that it uses GPS to track the distance I traveled and my pace, it's too bulky to don all the time. The trick for smart watches will be to provide enough fitness and health-related data to make them useful without being bloated. Apple's iWatch is rumoured to feature not only Nike features like a pedometer and calorie counter but also a heart rate monitor. Samsung has already debuted an S Health app for its Galaxy S4 and an accompanying S Band (similar to the Jawbone Up and Fitbit Flex). It's safe to assume a Galaxy Watch would perform similar functions.

3. They Can Extend Your Phone's Battery

How could something that needs your smartphone for connectivity actually extend its endurance? Most smart watches use the Bluetooth 4.0 standard, which employs low-energy technology specifically designed for smart devices. As smartphone screens get bigger, consumers will be looking for ways to make them last longer on a charge. A smart watch could do just that because you'll be using it for a lot of the things you typically glance at your phone for, saving precious juice on your handset.

4. You'll Be Able to Do More with Your Voice

Even though some smart watches let you make calls from your wrist, I'm not that keen on it because it winds up disturbing everyone around you. I'm more excited about what's possible once you can leverage virtual assistants like Apple's Siri and Samsung's S Voice. With your phone in your pocket, you should be able to dictate a message or social update to your wrist, see who won last night's game and get the 5-day weather forecast. Quick, easy and less annoying to everyone else.

5. Smart Watches Are More Discreet Than Phones…and Google Glasses

Say you're in a meeting or on a date and you want to quickly check your inbox without whipping out your 5-inch phablet. A smart watch would let you do that quickly and more discreetly. Smart watches are also a lot less polarising than Google Glass, which a Seattle-area bar just banned months before they debut. Yes, it was a publicity stunt, but it certainly won't be the last establishment to outlaw Google's high-tech eyewear. To a certain extent, smart watches are a necessary stepping stone to make other devices like Glass more socially acceptable.

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    If you're checking your phone/smartwatch while on a date for anything but life or death emergencies you have issues, seriously.

      How exactly are you supposed to know if it's an emergency without checking your phone?

    People don’t wear watches anymore. You’ll look ridiculous Da F*#K..? Seriously? Well then I choose to look ridiculous! :)

    Last edited 25/03/13 12:42 pm

      Me too.

      Edit: actually you will look ridiculous with a smart watch, just not a regular watch...

      Last edited 25/03/13 12:49 pm

      lol Yeah I'll stick with my "ridiculous" watch thanks

      Agree wholeheartedly. Wearing a watch is a fashion statement more than a device for which to tell the time.

        Seriously? Men don't make fashion statements, we wear a watch to tell us the time.

          In some part you'll obviously use your watch to tell the time. But if that's all we did with them, we'd all use a $20 watch.

          Why do you wear a suit? To look professional. Why do you wear a good suit? To look fashionable and professional.

          Same goes with watches.

        I wear my titanium watch to tell the time. Spends most of its time up my sleeve, clearly not being a fasion statement. General statement is too general.

      Patek = ridiculous
      iPod Nano on my wrist = not ridiculous.

      Hrm. Thanks for the warning, internet.

      Yep I still wear a watch. And it's even ANALOGUE!!!

      I don't leave home without it. I'd rather spend 2 seconds glancing at my wrist to know the time rather than taking my phone out of my pocket. I'd rather not pull my phone out in public if I can help it.

        Agreed. Even if you're just checking the time, pulling out your phone can seem rude in some circumstances.

      Here here! I've had my Lorrus watch for nearly 10 years now and it hasn't missed a beat, and it looks a bucketload better than these silly looking smart watches.

      I'll take classic ridiculous (watch) over nerdy ridiculous ("smart" watch) :/

      Yep, same here. I got a very nice Edox watch as a wedding gift from my parents-in-law. It'll be a cold day in hell before I replace that with a "smart" watch.

      A choice between a beautifully designed analogue watch and something that looks like a glorified version of the digital Casio I used to wear in primary school is no choice at all.

    You Can Glance at Info to Save Time - a smart watch will let you know at a glance which calls are worth picking up (or ignoring), which messages are worth responding to

    Actually the opposite - given the majority of calls and text messages are once to answer/respond to, you're now double handling all of those - check the watch, then go to the phone anyway, when before you just went to your phone...

    If you're getting that many unwanted calls and text messages, you shouldn't have left your phone number up on the toilet wall.

    Isn't the title a bit offensive to amputees?

    Last edited 25/03/13 12:58 pm

      Ah, I think you'll find it is only offensive to DOUBLE amputees.

      Yeah, I'm sure they'll be up in arms about it.

        BAD ME.


          THIS! LOL!

    I'll keep my automatic thanks.

    Pebble backer here, got mine last week and so far am really liking it. Has saved me the effort of looking at my phone when I get a message that does not need urgent attention. The only issue is that I think it might be ruder to be always looking at your watch when having a conversation with someone as it is an age old symbol of boredom.

      Even worse when you pull out your phone, absolute sign of rudeness...

        I disagree. Someone glancing at their watch during a conversation seems much ruder to me than glancing at a phone. A watch only serves one purpose, where a phone serves multiple so you could be looking at your phone for any number of reasons including emergencies. A glance at the watch automatically implies you have somewhere better to be.

          A very fair point. A phone could be a multitude of reasons. Well put!

    "Why You’ll End Up Wearing A Smart Watch" - because you are a style free techno-tool who thinks the Galaxy and iPhone articles in Gizmodo are important. Me, I'll stick with my Longines that I have to wind up.

      I agree with you whole-heartedly steve. I'm more of a Zenith man myself but each to their own.

    Wearable technology is the future. The minute the utility exceeds to dork factor we'll all be using it. As an X-Gen I remember the days before mobile phones and what we thought of the bleeding edge mobile phone user.

    Stage 1: Device
    Stage 2: Wearable Device
    Stage 3: Implanted Device

    Bring on the cyborg future I say!

    I still wear a watch, Its far more convenient to glance at my wrist than it is to pull my phone out of my pocket, power the screen on then replace it in my pocket.

    What ever happened to wearing a watch for its primary purpose, time. I see a purpose for technology to make our lives easier but leave my watch alone!!! I enjoy wearing a fine timepiece.

    Wearing an old-fashioned, winding watch is an anachronism. It was the best tech at the time to keep relevant information within easy reach. So if you use a computer, you might as well leverage the same tech on your wrist. Stye and fashion does not belong to the past or the present.

    I still wear a watch everyday.
    First of all, i've worn a watch for so long that if i don't i feel like i'm forgetting something
    Second, I find it very rude if i'm chatting with someone and they pull their phone out (even if it is to check the time), where glance of a watch is not rude

      Really? Different generations perhaps. I think glancing at a watch mid conversation is the epitome of rude!

    7. Because they reduce the risk of STDs by 100%, because you are never getting laid again.

    Casio F91W all the way!

    It's got an Alarm Chronograph!

    People don’t wear watches anymore. You’ll look ridiculous

    No. I wear a 600 dollar watch my father got me for my 21st. I'm 35 now, it still keeps incredible time and looks a million dollars still to this day. I wear it with a button up shirt and slacks. Why?

    Because of style. I look DAMN good with it on.

    A phone does not compliment your clothing, a good watch does.

      A phone does not compliment your clothing

      My Nokia Lumia 920 would like a word with you.

        I repeat, a phone does not look stylish. You cannot *wear* a phone.

          Something does not need to be worn for it to be stylish.

          For example, an expensive stylish pen that one keeps in his pocket and only brings out when it needs use, is the same as a stylish phone.

            No, unfortunately, you won't quite 'get' why a watch compliments a suit or clothing perfectly, yet a phone never will. Sorry.

              Ahh yes, I will never 'get' it because it's your logic and you can't seem to explain it.

                A phone gets replaced every year or two, it gets put in your pocket out of sigh, it never actually compliments your clothing, its a piece of tech independant of clothing, its not designed to GO with clothing, a phone is not something that in any way shape or form actually collides in a suiting way with anything worn by anyone. Though it may have a pretty colour and appeasing shape, the phone is simply a piece of communications technology. A watch however, is stylish, it is designed to compliment your clothing, it is classy, it is refined, it compliments ones sense of taste and style and reflects their likes in terms of fashion sense etc.

                A phone merely says 'Hey I got this shit because Im on a 24 month contract'

                A watch says 'I got this shit because I could AFFORD it' or 'I got this shit because its SPECIAL'

                  Now, I have more important things to do, feel free to rant, but a phone will never, ever, be as classy as a damn good watch :)

                  Phone = swag
                  Watch = class

                  Swag is for kids. Class is for men.

                  but a phone will never, ever, be as classy as a damn good watch :)

                  This was never, ever, ever, the argument to begin with. You said a phone can't compliment your clothing, and I said it can. Even if you're identifying the phone as 'swag', that is still something that can compliment your clothing.

                  So you got pretty sidetracked somehow and still ended up proving my original point correct.

                  A watch gets replaced whenever it needs to, it gets put on your wrist out of sight, it never actually compliments your clothing, its a piece of tech independent of clothing, its not designed to GO with clothing, a watch is not something that in any way shape or form actually collides in a suiting way with anything worn by anyone. Though it may have a pretty colour and appeasing shape, the watch is simply a piece of time-keeping technology. A phone however, is stylish, it is designed to compliment your clothing, it is classy, it is refined, it compliments ones sense of taste and style and reflects their likes in terms of fashion sense etc.

                  A watch merely says 'Hey I got this shit because I need to know what time it is'

                  A phone says 'I got this shit because I could AFFORD it' or 'I got this shit because its SPECIAL'

                  see I can make assertions based on an opinion too

                  if this is my actual opinion or not I can't say

                  But arguing over something as trivial as this is stupid

                  Last edited 26/03/13 3:32 pm

    A Chinese made, mass produced 'smart' watch will lose out to a European made 'classic' watch every time in terms of style.

      Can you try telling this to mattm up there? he consistently tries telling me that his lumia is just as fashionable as a great watch lol

        No, as I pointed out above I never said this nor implied this once.

        You stated a phone can not compliment clothing, I said it can. I never said it has more style than a stylish watch or anything more. All I stated is that phones, can in fact, compliment clothing.

    I'll stick with my solar powered Casio.

    Another f****** thing you have to remember to recharge. I'll stick with my Swiss made Gucci thanks.

    My "rediculous" watch is very easy to see (i have bad eyesight), has a 2 year battery life and it's display is backlit too (when i choose it to be by pressing the button).

    Plus my "rediculous" watch doesn't shorten the battery life of my smartphone.

    These "smart" watches have tiny text and icons, and have a battery life of 1 week at best.

    If anything this FAD could bring people back to wearing regular watches again, after the "smart watch" fails to live up to expectations.

    I'll stick to my "rediculous" watch, thanks all the same.

    Having a smart watch on your wrist that minimises the extent to which you need to use the smart phone in your pocket certainly removes the emphasis to lash out $$ on the smart phone.

    This probably wouldn't be an issue so much for Apple, as each generation of Apple phones only ever vary in storage capacity. Android handsets however range from super-cheap to super-expensive, so why buy a super expensive handset if the super-cheap handset can adequately communicate with your smart watch?

    I want a smartphone watch for one reason, to control the music in my home via my watch. You see I use Foobar on my pc for music in the home, several speakers going to different rooms etc, monkeymote (on ipad) and foobarcontroller (on android) allow for remote control of foobar (skip track, vol +/- etc), its neat having it on phone or ipad, but better on yer wrist.
    I also use a special sleeptracker watch that tries to wake you at the optimum time, apps do this already on ios and android, but it would work better on yer wrist than phone on bed. And i also want stopwatch, time, timer, calculator etc, so yes, smartphone watches are already late to the game as far as i'm concerned.

    Last edited 25/03/13 4:02 pm

    The comments on this article has proven one thing - people get weird about watches.

    I think it's one of those fashion things that I will just never understand.

      yeah more responses here than..........most other stuff

    No smart watch will come near my wrist unless it's as strong or almost as strong as my current watch, it will need to look O.K - not like most current set ups (bulky LCD screen that obtrudes from the bracelet) and as with any of my watch purchases actually functional (at all times w/ or without being 'paired' to a smart phone (excuse the direct reference to Bluetooth as this is not nessasarily what will be used),

    Smart watches are a long way from being purchased by proper watch users.

    Making these kinds of predictions flies in the face of history. How much better is something like this going to be than a Bluetooth headset? Seriously, my Jabra Stone 2 is almost invisible when I'm wearing it, it talks to me and responds to voice commands. It has almost as much utility as a smartwatch will have, yet how long has it been since anyone so much as contemplated buyng a new Bluetooth headset? Why would a smartwatch have any more hope of success when phone screens are getting bigger and bigger?

    Once Samsung get off their arses and make me a flexible phone, I will happily wrap that around my wrist and say a fond farewell to my Oakley Blade II. Until then I'll be fine, thanks.

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