What's The Most Annoying First World Problem You Are Still Waiting On Tech To Solve?

As tech makes our lives easier, the little inconveniences that are left just get more glaring by contrast. Sure, I don't have to use a chamber pot but sometimes my magical pocket computer that knows practically everything gets uncomfortably warm when I'm using to to play GTA III and that's annoying.

As time marches on, the things we get pissed about are only going to become more infinitesimal, so what tiny problem is driving you needless insane right now, and why hasn't it been fixed yet? Sure, a million more will pop up in its place, but that's a problem for another day. Let's get super whiny and entitled. This is a safe place.

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    I'm annoyed that there isn't a program that can automatically detect and fix spelling and grammar mistakes in Gizmodo articles, because they could really use one.

    The one thing that Technology needs to improve in our modern world is battery life! The majority of our tablets, laptops and phones run on Li-ion batteries and most of them just arent up to scratch. With the ever increasing processing power and screen sizes of our portable devices, batteries have fallen way behind.

      With any luck, graphene batteries will solve our problems

        I think you, me and every other user of portable tech is waiting for the day when Graphene goes mass market.

      I find battery life in all my gadgets is excellent. I get 3 days from my phone, more than 6 hours from my laptop and I only have to charge my Playbook and ZuneHD once a week or so.

        Thats great! What's your secret though?

          Not having a smartphone.

            I have a 3 month old HTC 8S. The secret to it is a perfectly acceptable screen res and a highly efficient OS, rather than chasing the highest possible spec for no reason. The laptop does really well because it is a 15" ultrabook and has plenty of room for a bigger battery. Playbook is always in stand-by mode (because it takes almost 3 minutes to boot from off) and Zune gets at least 2 hours use a day, often as much as 8 hours. Both just seem to have good battery life, although the Zune's is starting to drop off a little of late (but it is getting on for 3 years old).

          Keeping it turned off.

        Impressive, but I think the point is that one day we'll be able to look back on how proud we were to have our phone batteries last 3 days, laughing at the idea that in the past batteries had to be charged more than once every few months/at all.

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      Here, here. I was going to say that. No point buying an rc helicopter with 10 mins max battery, like I did. Gets old quick. Currently now down to 2mins fly time.

    Slapping morons in the face via TCP/IP.

    viable transporters. screw these fossil fuel using dinosaurcars

    Cables. All of them.

    Lag on Xbox Live needs to be fixed.

      See dnr above.

    Door locks on 7/11 stores. Why bother if the store is open 24/7.

      It's to keep the illegal immigrants behind the counter getting out, staff are hard to find these days you know.

        Also to prevent the white convicts from getting in. Dont want them emptying out the place for free.

      In the case of a robbery, the site has to be secured until police arrive.

    Battery length, universal wireless charging, wifi with a greater range and penetration.

    Beyond that, I'd still like a teleportation, FTL travel and a flying car, please.

      I believe technology has solved the penetration issue by way of certain battery-powered devices.

    File Transfer that doesn't takes forever to copy/move.
    Improved Umbrellas, and/or other ways to keep dry.
    Video playback systems that can fast-forward/rewind/resume as good as VHS tapes.
    GPS that works in cloudy/indoor/high-rise conditions.

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    Reliable, accurate and inexpensive subcutaneous implants for continuous blood glucose monitoring for diabetics.

    Stability and quality, on everything.

    Nothing shits me off more than things not working as they should.

    Like my internet, its always having problems, or the router needs reseting or the modem. Why does my ping fluctuate by 100 ms in league of legends at any random point in the day/night. My computer might blue screen for no reason, or get stuck while shutting down forcing me to power it down directly.

    My consoles die far to quickly, I've have had 7 xbox 360's (first 5 where from 1 purchase (within extended warranty), died 3 hours into aussie release day) My current one refuses to open the disc tray if its empty, all my others did the same before they died. My PC HDD died for no reason after 1 year of use (on 3 year warranty).

    My point is in this day and age everything just fucking dies. I don't know if it's just that new technology is more fragile or has more things that can go wrong. Corners are cut or cheap components used but compared to the early 90's everything i own from back then still works, now im lucky if something i buy last 2 years.

    Shit even a mattress i bought after 5 months use had twice the acceptable level of "indents" It was around 5cm deep, maximum for non pillow tops is around 2.5 cm. Their "repair job" consisted of reskinning it, it now has new fabric but its like a pit trap put a little pressure and the same spot becomes a sink hole.

    End rant, i suppose.

      I wish tech products and basically all other products available in this country weren't the cheapest, shittiest, discard versions of last years models at twice the price of the latest versions overseas. Australia is one of the wealthiest countries in the world but shopping locally for anything at all is a joke. It's as if other countries as treat us like a gullible tourist, supplying us with the crap they'd never dream of selling to the US, Europe or anywhere else, and it's always older models. Is it our crap local retailers who're to blame, foreign suppliers, or a mix of the two? I don't know.

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        It's because they can't make money here so they don't put any effort into the market. The good new stuff goes to where they can make money from it and we wait until that demand falls away and they can ship a bit of excess production our way.

      It's not the technology, it's you. You're a flippin' jinx.

      You make some interesting points. I would say though that tech is built cheaply because technology moves so quickly it'd be useless in a few years anyway, although having 7 xboxes break does seem ridiculous.

      It sounds to me like you aren't willing to spend money on the quality product. When I had to get my Lumia 800 fixed last year it was the first time in 5 or 6 years that I'd had any kind of problem with tech not lasting until I was finished with it. My back-up phone is 6 or 7 years old now and still works (AFAIK), the first laptop I bought is still working well enough for my nephew after more than 5 years and the Dell M4400 I bought in 2009 is still going strong. And I live on a boat where I'd expect things to be far more susceptible to corrosion.

        Haha motor no im just unlucky like that, it's why i only buy the higher quality stuff from reputable brands and fervently research anything before i buy it.

        But as much as you can say its all on me you can't, its a known fact nothing made these days lasts very long. Even dish washes / washing machines all die within 5-7 years and then there is your grandma's who has had hers for 20.
        My point was even if they last a reasonable amount of time so many things these days are built so cheaply that they just fall apart with regular use.

          I've been hearing that rubbish about washers and dryers for 40 years and it simply isn't true. I bought a second-hand washer/dryer on eBay in 2006 and it is still going strong today. It did break down shortly after I bought it but only required a $70 replacement module and hasn't missed a beat since. My fridge is around 20 years old and it's still going great guns and my last 4 TVs are all still in use. Even my car is a 1997 model and is completely reliable, something I could never have said about a 16 year old car 10, 20 or 30 years ago.

          The thing is that my parents' first colour TV cost the equivalent of a month's pay back in 1975, so it was worthwhile getting it fixed when it broke down (which it did very, very regularly). Today you can pick up a decent TV for the equivalent of a day or two's work, which makes it cheaper to throw it away than to try and repair it. Consequently, they build them down to a price because, in the long run, it is more economically viable for everyone.

      My consoles die far to quickly, I've have had 7 xbox 360's (first 5 where from 1 purchase (within extended warranty), died 3 hours into aussie release day) My current one refuses to open the disc tray if its empty, all my others did the same before they died. My PC HDD died for no reason after 1 year of use (on 3 year warranty).

      Well, "consoles" seems like the wrong term for you to be using here. You're only having problems with one console, and that's the Xbox 360.

      I own an 80GB PS3 "Phat" and it hasn't skipped a beat. My launch Wii did eventually die (disc drive issue), but that lasted a good 6 years, and I did give it a pretty big workout.

      I do realise things can still go wrong with PS3's and Wii's, but one of the major reasons I chose those consoles instead of a 360 was the amount of 360 hardware issues that were being reported.

      As for PC hardware...well yeah, the cheap stuff does tend to die quite quickly, and even with the more expensive brands, you can still get dud models off he production line every now and again.

    A real-life censorship device that blocks out anyone using the term 'first world problems'.

    Unless I'm complaining about having to dodge fucking lions as I'm going to get water from the dirty stream, everything's a first world problem, you smarmy prick.


      You... sir... uh... Thank you. A million times thank you.

    Yup, battery life, again. It's like they're TRYING to make battery life worse with each iteration of smartphone.

    Aside from that, true world wide business-to-consumer commerce. Every fucking time you go to buy something "Sorry, shipping only available to the USA", or if you do find a place that does ship internationally, it costs 6 times the price for shipping than the actual product costs.


      Also places in a CBD or public place where one can charge their phone for a small fee. They are in airports, what about at a music festival and you can't contact the person you came with or the person giving you a lift home? (A situation I have found myself in a load of times.

      Also headphones that have stronger cables on the inside and don't break as easily.

        Instead of that, how about tables covered in a wireless charging surface? As soon as you put your phone down, it charges.

        Well, you could charge your phone before leaving home. Just a thought...

    Apart from hoverboards (based on BTTF2 that's only 2 years away).

    Other than that a real technology first would be a true non-stick frying pan, I have never had one last more than 2 years!

    Catgirls, flying cars and hoverboards.

      I'm up for that.

    How to measure all the neurons in the brain firing at once with a sub-millisecond temporal resolution...

    Something to make people stop talking about facebook.

      Unfortunately that will only happen when someone invents "the next facebook", and the cycle will start again.

    Battery life of course.

    By far the largest single source of frustration in my life is my 3G internet connection. Actually, to call it a "connection" is a joke because at certain times of the day I am lucky if it can stay connected long enough to sync my inbox, even though I get 4 bars of 3G reception and the modem thinks it's always connected, even when I can't use it at all. And it's just my modem because if I tether my phone it works fine. Of course, data on my phone plan is about 3 times more expensive than my mobile broadband so maybe I am just getting what I pay for.

    I want some tech that can floss my teeth without me needing to do anything. I just find it so annoying doing that every morning.

    Where to begin:

    - My phone gets hot when it's used too much
    - Why is the WiiUmenu so slow?
    - Why is the PS3 store so broken?
    - I want a pill that strips away all my body fat

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