What Happens When You Drop A Hot Ball Of Nickel Into Honey

Because dropping super freaking hot balls of nickel is always fun to do, seeing it get dropped in various substances never gets old.

This time, honey gets the hot nickel treatment. It starts pulsating like a geyser while getting all bubbly and foamy until it squashes the plastic container holding down the steam. At the very end, the honey turns into some kaleidoscopic goop. The video takes a while to get started but you can spend that time wondering what other things you can drop the ball in. [Cars and Water]


    most pointless thing ever posted on Gizmodo, even worse than Julia GIllard "road testing" google glass

      Did you watch the whole thing? I thought the same until it started imploding the bottle.

    Great. Another great idea ruined by #$%$ handheld footage.

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