What Coloured Food Does To Your Poop

What Coloured Food Does To Your Poop

Those without a strong stomach should look away now. When Gabriel Morais set to wondering what different foods do to his body, he naturally wondered how different items affect the colour of his poop. Here are the results. NSFW images ahead.

Morais has only just kicked off the project — called Colorful Shit — and so far has three data points. Pictured below (scroll down) is the result of an experiment which saw him eat 3.5kg of Froot Loops in 30 hours. The resulting poop is really very, very unnaturally green.

He’s also tried eating 4.5kg of beetroot in 36 hours, and 4kg of sweet corn in 36 hours. The results (also down the page) are, as you’d expect, really very red and yellow respectively. Stay tuned to the project’s website to keep an eye on the experiments.

[Colorful Shit via Laughing Squid]

Pictures: Gabriel Morais, Rodrigo de Castro, João Unzer