Watch The Full Documentary About 3D-Printed Weapons: Click. Print. Gun.

After getting teased with the trailer for Click. Print. Gun., Motherboard's documentary on the 3D-printed gun movement, we finally get to watch the whole thing. The doc takes a look at 25-year-old law student Cody R. Wilson and how he's been building weapon parts with a 3D printer.

Right now, Wilson and his team prints AR-15 lower receivers (the thing that houses the operating parts of a gun) and is working to print 30-round magazine clips. The lower receiver only takes seven hours to print, and the magazines are being printed in an effort to show how silly Wilson thinks gun regulation is.

You can read the whole report and watch the documentary from Motherboard aabove. [Motherboard]


    If only he would use his powers for good instead of evil.

    This is basically the best thing to happen in the history of human kind. Now everyone can have assault weapons, allowing them to overthrow oppressive governments at will. Force all governments tremble and be afraid of their populace.

    Free people own guns, slaves don't.

    For any uneducated people concerned about gun violence; you only need to look at Switzerland - a country where every man is required to hold an assault rifle in their home, ammunition is sold in every corner store, and carrying loaded assault rifles without concealing is perfectly legal. Lowest gun crime and homicides per capita in the world.

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      Wow... not even close! Where do I begin with all the wrong things in this post? I do have to say that I like the right-winged brand or crazy so much more than the left because it's just WAY out there with barely any grounding in the real world, like an acid trip!

      I can name 2 nations who're 'free', never had to fight for their independence and where guns barely register in the national psyche: the awesome nations of New Zealand and Australia (they also have universal health care, so they must be socialists, huh?). Because of their restrictions on firearms, both nations have a low rate of firearm related deaths (Aust is 24th in the world, NZ is 48th).

      I love this use of Switzerland as being some gun owning utopia, the NRA and it's fundamentalist supporters love using it as some kind of gun-owner's wet dream but the fact is they're ranked something like 57th in the world in gun related deaths. Japan has the fewest and they have a very strict regulation of firearms there. (Have a read: ). As for the Swiss being required to 'hold' assault weapons, the Swiss practice universal conscription where every able bodied male between the ages of 20 and 34 are considered candidates. Only during their term of enrolment with the armed forces or militias are they required to possess, maintain and train with government issued firearms (specifically, a select fire rifle and semi-auto pistols). They do not have access to ammunition as this is specifically held at government depositories. Ammunition is not "sold in every corner store" nor is "carrying loaded assault rifles without concealing" considered "perfectly legal". Not even close. Their actual laws on the matter are considered to be rather restrictive and follow a similar model to that used in Germany. (Have a read: )

      Seriously, where do you nutjobs get these bullshit stats? They never stand up to scrutiny. Are they things you tell yourselves to make yourselves feel better? You know, constantly repeating, reciting and believing in dumb crap like this doesn't ever make it true, it just makes you delusional.

      Oh, and just for the record, I'm in the Army Reserve, I have my qualifications on several weapons systems and I'm not an anti-firearms fundamentalist. They're tools, they should be used in context and not revered and surrounded by fantasy and myth in the way Americans seem to be fond of.

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        The first 2 paragraphs of your comment are pure twaddle, as you completely miss the point.

        Firearm related deaths does not equal to gun crime nor homocide. Indeed, it is a separate and unrelated concept.

        The rest of what you say about Swiss gun laws is simply not true, and linking to what is a clearly biased liberal site hell bent on disarming people doesn't really prove your absurd claims. I suggest you go to Switzerland in person and find out.

        Your constant use of ad-hominem, "hurrr gun nuts nutjobs right wing durr", only shows your immaturity.

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          And you've proved my point, (seemingly rabid) gun proponents like you don't argue with facts, you yell 'bullshit!' at the top of your voice then attack anyone who challenges your assertions. I know you haven't looked (and if you have, you haven't understood) at the gun policy link, you know, the one that sources it's obviously biased information from that radically liberal organisation, the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs:

          ( )

          I know, I know, seems like they're a bunch radical socialists! But hey, you seem to know Swiss affairs better than the Swiss government it seems, so I'll defer to you on that. :D

          But to be honest, I really can't get past how in one sentence, you make an absurd claim and then criticise me for making 'absurd' claims! Oh the irony! I'm sorry my specific examples refuted your wild generalisations. There're readily accessible information on the nature of their laws, the intent behind them and how the Swiss military operates. Check out the government sites, --unless you think they're too liberal of course. I personally learnt of the Swiss being responsible for their sturmgewehrs when working with Swiss servicemen, because the very concept blew me away. But maybe you're right. Maybe I should go back to Switzerland again, things might have changed somewhat in the 2 years since I was last there. I must be out of touch... Yep, must be.

          Oh and "hell bent on disarming citizens"?! WTF?! Haha! Did you get that from the line from the Swiss commitment to: "...a project for the destruction of superfluous small arms and light weapons and to their secure storage in the framework of the OSCE und PfP"...? That's a completely different kettle of fish to disarming people. Your responses would make sense if I'd directed you to "Gruppe für eine Schweiz ohne Armee", but since I didn't, you might want to re-read those links or do some googling on the subject, though I doubt you'll even consider it.

          having briefly read your reply I have to say your little bit full of it. at the start you mention some crap about independence, well living as an immigrant in Australia and therefore not being blind to its prior transgressions I can honestly say - yes it may never have had to have open conflict with assault weapons to fight for there independence but you may be forgetting that although it is indeed an awesome country that it was a country settled on the back of the needless slaughter and maltreatment of its native people. Australia just had to good god damned sense to enforce a practical and well thought out gun policy in the wake of the tragic events that took place in Tasmania.

          So mate don't act like an liberal twat and spout garbage about swiss gun policy (which you have clearly unreliable sources about) without looking into the real facts.

          a bit off point I know but jess what a statement

            Again, how is referencing the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs website and it's arms control subsection unreliable? How are they unreliable? And liberal? He was talking BS and I called him out on it. Heh... liberal. K, if you say so.

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              Because there is nothing there remotely relevant to your absurd claims about Switzerland.

              You clearly know nothing about Switzerland.


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        Wow your post is out there mate, besides the rant you fail because New Zealand has very good gun laws allowing citizens to possess pretty much whatever guns they like, provided they are licenced and unlike Australia there is no firearms registry which serves the criminals here like a phonebook listing of who has what guns, which is confirmed by the fact that today's SMH explains that bikies have well and truly infiltrated our police force.

      Yes... but Switzerland land also has mandatory military service... so they're required to have automatic weapons because most Swiss are already part of a militia/reserves... (That's a little like saying "look at the military, they have a lot of guns, but they have low gun crime". Which is usually true fact...but there's reasons for that).

      Don't get me wrong, I'm not inherently anti-gun. Generally speaking, it's easy to point out "they have access to X and they're fine with it", but you have to take other things into account too...

        I fully support their model for defence, but it should be pointed out that women in Switzerland have no mandatory conscription and are equally allowed (and even encouraged) to hold assault rifles as well. Many do.

      'Now everyone can have assault weapons, allowing them to overthrow oppressive governments at will'

      That is called the Middle East, and before they overthrow their government they pretty much destroy their own country and many civilians are killed in the process. Do you really want to live in a country like that?

    Now governments will want to control the use of 3D printers, no doubt they will eventually become licensed or illegal for home use "in case so kid decides to build an M4"

      Or any other product that you can now reproduce at home like a Star Trek replicator...

    right now all he can print is the lower receiver, and possibly magazines. All parts that experience very low stress.

    He has buckley's chance of printing any of the serious parts like the upper, and the barrel. Not to mention the trigger assembly.

    This argument keeps coming up, and the answer is the same - a complete, fully functioning, rifle that doesn't blow up in your face is a long long long way off, at least at a price that isn't 100 times what someone could already buy one for on the market, legal or not. And don't kid yourselves that they aren't available in Australia they keep finding bikies with these sorts of things all the time.

      Although I agree it will be some time off before anyone can print a fully functioning gun, as it points out in the video you can readily buy all the other bits, it's just the lower reciever that needs a serial number etc to be traced so this is really the most important piece.

        When the tech evolves a bit I think you'll find that they will regulate the usage of these printers because they will be able to create the more precision parts. However it will then become an underground business run by criminals.

    *sigh... figures I'd notice the "Switzerland land" half a second after I press submit...

    all i got out of this dribble is soon, i'll be able to download a car.

    He uses an Android, he can't be that bad.

    This isn't about guns at all. His last sentence is the key.

    Time to work on 3D printed body armour next - the type that comes in kid sizes with customisable panels to match school uniform colours.

    Interesting. He has some valid points and some very invalid points. I do have a question I genuinely would like to know the answer to. What reason does someone have that they need to be able to shoot 20 - 30 rounds in succession? and What can that actually be useful for? I've only been on this earth for 28 years, but not once have I been walking down the street and thought "Gee, I wish I had my semi-auto handy. Could have fixed that problem."

    Certain sports shooting events, home defense (because you know zombies are coming at some point)... and of course, nutters who also have semi-auto or non-semi auto firearms that need putting down. I'm guessing if there were armed people on the scene at any one of the many examples of massacres that happen in the US and elsewhere, the death toll could've been lowered by an appropriately armed and trained citizen. But nobody likes the idea do they.

    Clever guy. Is he proof that clever law students, young lawyers can become very self-interested and of questionable morality? He is pushing technology and realises he is pushing it in a questionable but valid direction. But how Americans, even intelligent Americans handle the gun debate is very different to how the rest of the world sees it. Gun masacres are rare in the rest of the world, they are now common in the U.S. Gun ownership is bred into Americans and its hard for even the most intelligent to see it from an alternate perspective. Preventing gun masacres is not handled by good guys shooting at bad guys. If you want high capacity guns to be freely available have full regular checks on ownership and have a mental health care system that is the best in the world and pay for it.

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