Was The Destruction Of The Death Star An Inside Job?

Was there more to the climax of Star Wars: A New Hope than met the eye? According to the creators of Luke's Change: an Inside Job, a fantastically clever take on another documentary you're probably aware of, there certainly was.

Come to think of it, some of the details of the whole thing were pretty convenient. I'm starting to think that maybe all this stuff didn't actually happen...[Boing Boing via io9]


    Clever. I hope the Truthers see this.

      I don't, the last thing we need is another conspiracy theory for nutjob truthers to bang on about.

    That was great, but it bugged the hell out of me that neither pilot identified as Wedge Antilles at 1:05 at 3:40 was, in fact, Wedge Antilles. Deliberate? And what the hell is "AlderBRAAN"!?

    Other than that, brilliant.

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