Vocal Coach Uses Sex Toys To Fix Singers' Voices

This makes sense in a way that makes absolutely no sense. David Ley, a University of Alberta drama professor and vocal coach, figured out that one especially effective and not at all lecherous way to sooth a lost voice is... a vibrator.

Ley says that the vibrator is so effective — more so than a typical larynx massage — that it helps singers hit higher notes than they could otherwise, and other notes flow more easily. He originally considered more traditional massage machines, but they were too cumbersome or awkward.

Even though a pocketable vibrator makes all the sense in the world, this seems to be the first time sex toys are being used to help with vocals. That's all fine and good, but let's keep the Fleshlights away from the dancing coaches all the same. [Metro News via HuffPo]

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