Twitter Now Supports Line Breaks On The Web, Prepare To Get Annoyed

Twitter's added the ability to add line breaks to your tweets when using the web interface. That's one of those features that sounds good on paper, but I'm willing to bet it gets annoying really quickly.

Know how annoying  
It is when somebody makes you scroll  
Just to read something?

That was less than 140 characters, including line breaks, just to give you an idea.

Twitter's announced — via Haiku — that line breaks are now supported within Twitter's web interface. It's not a new feature per se, but previously the web interface wouldn't display any line breaks that other apps inserted, and it will now. As it's now official, you can expect its use (and abuse) to explode. Get ready for a flood of friends making your twitter stream a whole lot longer to scroll than it was before. Which would never get old or tedious, now would it?

Twitter [Twitter]

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