This Guy Will Paint Whatever Picture You Ask For In MS Paint

If you want a picture of a dinosaur drawing people in an art class. Jim will paint it for you in MS Paint. If you want a picture of Moby throwing ninja stars at a 'melancholic' badger wearing specific clothing in a specific situation. Jim will paint it for you in MS Paint. Jim will basically paint you anything in MS Paint and they will always be incredible.

Jim, the wonderful artist behind this art project, fields ridiculous art requests from strangers and makes those descriptions come true in MS Paint. He doesn't use tablets, he doesn't touch anything up — it's just him and the funniest art medium of the '90s creating imaginative pieces that will tickle your brain. Check out his work here.

The request: Please paint me the original Power Rangers MegaZord struggling to find space on a commuter train whilst watching ‘the Thick of it' on his iPad.

The request: Please paint me a picture of Brian Blessed riding a Henry hoover alongside D'n'B DJ Goldie on a Dyson. They are racing on the Mario kart level rainbow road and are both drunk on white ace cider.

I told you they were incredible. Jim obviously can't paint every single picture request but he does promise to consider them all. Get specific! Get weird! Get funny! Jim will paint it for ya. [Jim'll Paint It via Laughing Squid]

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