This Swiss Apartment Complex Doubles As A Secret Snow Fortress

You might be a little confused, because this looks strikingly similar to the snow fortress in Inception. But no need to watch out for skiing dream assassins — it's an apartment complex in Lausanne, Switzerland. (As far as we know).

The sharp corners at either end are not design features meant to intimidate intruders. In fact they're a response to the constraints of the size of the property. And the fa├žades move in harmony with the curved road and river on either side.

Currently in progress, the building was designed by PRS Architects, and it has a total of six individual units. Each has its own unique floor plan, but they all have access to a private garden, a balcony, and a terrace. Probably for taking aim at dream hijackers. [DesignBoom]

Picture: Tonatiuh Ambrosetti

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