This Is How You Respond To Rumours

This Is How You Respond To Rumours

Don’t hand your iPhone to Nokia CEO Stephen Elop. During an interview on Finnish TV show Hjalliksen kanssa, an interviewer made exactly that mistake and is short one functional iPhone for having made it because Elop threw that sucker on the floor.

After pressing Elop for details on upcoming releases, pulling out his iPhone, and playing a painfully awkward and ultimately futile game of keep-away, the interviewer surrendered his phone to Elop, who promptly tossed it off-screen where it landed with a sickening thud.

Granted, Elop immediately promised to replace it with a Nokia, and the whole lack of any sort of surprise on the interviewer’s part makes it a little surreal and maybe even staged. But one thing is clear: Elop isn’t messing around. Even if all that brashness got him was an awkward moment and a shattered iPhone.

Update: Tietoviikko reports the thrown iPhone survived undamaged. And interviewer Hjallis Harkimo has not yet recieved a Nokia phone as a replacement, whether or not it is actually needed.