This Gorgeous Knife Draws Inspiration From Our Ancestor's Stone Tools

While crude by today's standards, the stone tools used by our ancestors were obviously more than adequate for their survival. After all, were they not, Italian designer Michele Daneluzzo wouldn't be around today to craft this beautiful homage to the flint cutting tools of the Stone Age.

The knife, appropriately dubbed the Primitive, actually has no obvious handle — it's all blade. So to safely use it to hack and slash at meat and veggies, the top edge gradually thickens into a rounded ridge that makes it easy to grasp. The design looks like it actually might be more effective at chopping through more resilient materials since you're able to put your weight and force directly over the blade. The Primitive was designed while Michele was a student at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, but it's actually been turned into a real product by Italian kitchenware maker Del Ben.

[Del Ben via Dezeen]

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