This Cordless Kettle Design Pours Water At All The Right Angles

When he's not designing products for the likes of Blackberry, BMW, and Lenovo, Di Tao is re-imagining commonplace items with his amazing concepts. Take this electric cordless water kettle — nothing but right angles in austere black and white. A perfect contrast to the formless water it's meant to hold.

In the words of the designer himself:

This cordless kettle celebrates simplicity: water tank, handle, and power base; all are understated. However, when taken together as a whole, they quietly express the flow of water and power through the elements.

Maybe not the most ergonomic of objects, but sometimes the aesthetic experience is worth neglecting minor practicalities. Especially when the end result is an every day item by way of Sword and Sworcery. Check out Di Tao's website for other great designs. [Objects & Ideas via Minimalissimo]

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