This Chair Fills Up Your Beer From The Bottom

Ever since I saw the BottumsUP machine that fills up beer from the bottom of the glass in 2010, I've been hoping to somehow incorporate the good times rolling machine into my daily life. It hasn't happened. Maybe it will now, because this magnificent armchair uses the same bottom-refilling beer technology so you never have to leave your chair.

Did you hear me? A chair that refills your empty glass with beer without you ever getting off it. I think in some religions that's considered heaven. Sadly, BottomsUP isn't making this specific chair but it will start selling the BottomsUP Home Unit (BUHU) for $US1150. The BUHU is a draft beer dispenser kit that includes a nozzle, control panel, mounting disc and more for DIY folks who like to drink beer.

Basically, it will let you stick the BottomsUP machine anywhere so you can fill up beer from the bottom of your glass whenever you like. Every home needs this. [BottomsUP via Foodbeast]

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