Thieves Steal Entire Bridge, The Whole Bridge, For Scrap Metal

The days of casually crossing a creek are over if you live in the Gölçük district of Kocaeli province in western Turkey. Which maybe you don't. But the point is that someone stole a 22-ton, 82-foot-long bridge from there. It's just gone.

Police suspect that the bridge was cut into sections and removed on a truck for scrap metal. Its estimated value is about $US11,000. Villagers use the bridge to access their orchards, and a resident, Mustafa Karakaş told Today's Zaman that, "Now we have to take our socks off and cross the creek."

The weirdest part of the theft may be that it's not the first time a bridge has been stolen in recent memory. Way to maintain the gall, thieves of the world. [Today's Zaman]

Image Credit: FLariviere/Shutterstock


    I suppose they're gonna have to literally build one and get over it now...

    If you believe this story, I have a bridge to sell you...

    Carmen SanDiego has struck again...

      Seriously?? Who else could it be.. Why haven't police got her warrants out everywhere!? Where are you Carmen SanDiego!

    The other bridge, smaller, was worth $100k yet this one only 11k. Hardly worth it for something which would have to be devided amongst the many that would have done it

      Wages are probably amazingly low there compared to our standards. The steel is probably worth less in Turkey than it is here too. Although, thieves are dumb, which is why they're thieves.

    It would take quite a while to cut down and remove a bridge like that. I recommend the police speak with the ''villagers (who) use the bridge to access their orchards'' and ask them why they didn't notice a bridge being cut down and take away in a truck...

      Wait - you mean get the police to ask people nearby if they saw or heard anything?! This is revolutionary! Someone call the president we need to get him across [email protected]!

        In case I wasn't clear...

        The police haven't arrested anyone. I assume that the first thing they did was to interview the villagers. Yet the villagers clearly didn't finger anyone.

        In which case, don't you find it odd that the villagers use the bridge to access their orchards but apparently can't finger the people who stole their bridge...?

      The bridge was apparently fairly small, it isn't the one in the picture.

        Ok, so the picture is quite misleading then. But even so, cutting any bridge into sections and carrying it away would you'd think make a little bit of noise and take a little time.

        It's not a snatch and grab crime.

        @michael_debyl You may also inform the President of this insight.

        The train tracks on that bridge had me wondering...

    I would to see picture of said bridge before and after removal.

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