These Real Life Scrap Metal Creatures Look Like They Escaped From A Steampunk Fantasy

Recycling takes many forms, though most of us engage in the basic kind — tossing cans, plastic and cardboard into our yellow-lidded bins. On the other hand, if you want to get creative, you can take a page from artist Christian Champin, who transforms scrap metal into fantastic Steampunk-inspired creations.

Unfortunately, Champin's site doesn't contain a great deal of information regarding his process, though there is a small About section where he details his motivations (translated from French):

[A] period of overproduction consumable culture, the modern world is waste generator ... From agriculture, automotive and industry, broken, rusty, bent, worn, the waste has a past, a message. Out of context, assembled by welding diverted from their utility without expression, they become useless but alive. My work is focused on the movement of the harmony of form and sequence of curves. In a figurative style, size and theme [are] very variable, each piece is original and unique.

I'd say the camel is easily my favourite; there's something about the giant wheels sticking out of its side that makes me think all it needs is a fresh battery or a kilo of coal to start moving again.

This is a small selection of images from Champin's gallery, a much larger range can be seen on his site.

[Christian Champin, via Neatorama]

Photos: Christian Champin

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