These Incredible Paintings Were Made By Injecting Paint Into Bubble Wrap

The only reason why bubble wrap exists is so that people can pop them. That's a universal fact. So colour me surprised when I found out another thing you can do with bubble wrap: make art. Bradley Hart injected bubble wrap with paint to create these wonderful portraits.

When you first stare at these pieces from afar, you're not really sure how they're made. Are they woven together? Is it a mosaic? It kind of looks like tiles. But then when you look closer, you can see that each bubble of the bubble wrap is treated like a pixel. Each paint bubble shapes a bigger picture.

Seeing art in objects you never thought could become art is always a mind warp. Now I'm going to look at every piece of bubble wrap as a canvas and wonder what it could be. Then I'll pop it. Every. Single. Bubble. (As an aside, I wonder what Hart's art would look like if you popped 'em all!)

Bradley Hart's Injection series can be seen at gallery nine5 in New York until March 29.

[Bradley Hart via Visual News]

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